Hadoop adopted, but not for Analytics?

In this era of Big Data, where we are dealing with wide variety of data having features like velocity,volume, veracity and unstructured data coming in from different sources in different formats like xml, logs, videos, images both structured and unstructured.

Everyone is talking about Hadoop’s capabilities in Big Data Analytics, fact is Hadoop is mostly being adopted for low cost Data Storage and ETL.


As we know Hadoop uses distributed storage and parallel processing and provides us with the cheapest, reliable, fault tolerant, scalable data storage and processing mechanism available option for Data Storage and processing on commodity hardware. Hadoop has been adopted by industry  across verticals.

Hadoop’s adoption in market is growing at very fast pace but how it’s being used in industry is surprising. With the amazing power to predict everything like customer behavior, traffic flow on busy roads. Hadoop is in contrast being used for analytics by very few organizations. Currently, Hadoop is mostly being used for low cost storage and ETL.

Yes, there are companies running some mind blowing analytics on Hadoop but that is exception not a rule. Few technology giants are using Hadoop for some impressive analysis.

Is it something wrong or something about which we should be concerned about, or it’s just that enterprises are just taking their time and getting comfortable with Hadoop before adopting it for discovering the unknown.

Organizations are taking baby steps right now and progressing slowly but they are optimistic and excited about Hadoop adoption, to mitigate any risk involved due to early adoption.

Data Scientists need a huge amount of data to make discoveries and need flexible, schema less, limitless environment. They are those who enjoy playing with data for discovery and pattern recognition.

Organizations are following the thought process of ‘Start with what you know’. Enterprises are starting with the known use case like storage or ETL before going forward to analytics project. Applying new technology to a familiar use case makes sense, to get familiar with the new technology.

Very Soon, we will reach the point where Hadoop is utilized for data analytics in mostly every industry. Let’s give the industry some time for the same.

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