How Big Data is Influencing the Sports Industry?

Imagine you have stepped off the field, and your team has lost. Obviously you can look at it as a failure, but if you closely introspect, you could look at it as an opportunity to improve. Why? Because of those embedded sensors in your jersey that are tracking your every move, and proper data analysis of that data will help you get better in the next game.

How Big Data is Influencing the Sports Industry?

Yes, you heard it right – data plays a key role in the world of sports. Collected data now guides team towards victory. Whether you are a cricket fanatic or a rugby supporter, you will find several instances that would show how big data is influencing this mega industry. Today, the professional sports industry stands at a whooping value of $90 billion – just as other industry domains are utilizing the power of big data and putting it to good use, why should sports industry lag behind? They also are looking for ways to enhance their athlete’s performance and improve organizations’ and fans’ total experience.



Big Data in Sports

Data is powerful. It can be shared on an extensive range of platforms with a sole aim of improving the sports experience for both player and spectator. Instead of depending on experience, intuition and anecdotes, let data talk now- from player recruitment to viewer engagement, data analytics influences every aspect of the game, that too in the most positive manner.

Baseball was one of the first sports that received big data attention. The compelling story of the Oakland Athletics, from Moneyball, the popular Michael Lewis’ book showed how big data power can be employed in the sports industry to improve the performance of a struggling team. From then, big data picked up pace in this industry, and it now drives recruitment procedures and helps team make better, smarter decisions.



Importantly, big data is more like a far-fetched goal; it helps in setting the stage for a future-play rather than focusing on the present. Coaches collect data, related to everything, from training to diet regimes, in the hope of gaining insights what can be made better to give their athletes a certain edge over their tailing competitors. After all, these small things or factors play a bigger role, and when it’s Olympics, the stakes are higher. This data also helps in learning about the challenges Olympic competitors face during training, so that they get a chance for improvement.


The Future of Big Data

Every byte of data could be of great use in the future, and Big Data will let that happen! For example, wearables help keep an eye on the players on the field, and with time they are becoming more tech-savvy and well-integrated with a player’s uniform. Coaches have already started checking players’ fitness levels and keeps fatigue at check. The more these devices become smarter, better player safety and performance tracking is to be expected, and of course better analysis and decision-making.


Let’s Take Your Data Dreams to the Next Level


Information from the fans also continues influencing marketing efforts and decisions regarding sporting events, like when the right time to schedule a game is or how to cater to fan expectations. Moreover, advances in data analytics leads to better career opportunities for people who have a knack for numbers. In this field, the possibilities to flourish seem to be endless – and our skilled data scientists will make sure data is employed in the best way possible to boost sports related activities.

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