14th February 2020: Friday Quick Recap

14th February 2020: Friday Quick Recap

Along with Valentine’s week coming to an end, the week also draws to a close and it is obvious that many of you couldn’t get enough of the week’s happenings. However, with Dexlab Analytics, you wouldn’t have to regret missing on any events or updates because we bring them all to you with this Friday Quick Recap.

Beginning with them, AI was the first topic that we explored, where we have seen how AI is being exceedingly helpful to fight cancer. Next, we have brought G-Suite and Office 365 in a face-to-face evaluation. Then, we have taken a quick and crisp look at Data Science and its various divisions in an audio-visual way. After that, we have answered a question that is going the rounds about the educational qualification of a Business Analyst. Lastly, we have clarified the biggest sensation, Big Data.

Ai Joins The Fight Against Cancer

Artificial Intelligence has been one of the most formidable technologies in the world of today. Besides the numerous feats that the AI is famous for, prevention and eradication of cancer is just another feather on the cap. 

G-Suite And Office 365: A Comparison Of Spreadsheets For Your Business Needs

Spreadsheets have become inevitable in our day to day lives. Among the numerous companies that are coming up with their own offerings, G-Suite and Office 365 are simply the most renowned companies. Hence, we thought of a comparison between them.

Data Science Lifecycle | Dexlab Analytics

Data Science is an evolving stream with numerous advantages in all of the available industries of today. However, you should begin with the basic understanding of Data Science, followed by Data Mining, Data Visualization, and Predictive Modeling. If you are confused then here is an interactive video covering them all!

Read Eshika Roy's answer to What is the educational qualification that a business analyst should possess? on Quora

What Is The Educational Qualification That A Business Analyst Should Possess?

Business Analyst is a major discipline that is in vogue today but not many of us are absolutely clear about how to pursue such a dream. So, we decided to have a rounded look at the educational qualification that you need in order to be a Business Analyst.

Read Eshika Roy's answer to When we say big data management, what types of data are we actually talking about? on Quora

When We Say Big Data Management, What Types Of Data Are We Actually Talking About?

Big Data is the term given to denote the extremely large volumes of data we are dealing with today. However, if you wonder about the types of data, then you can know it here.


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