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...Credit Risk Analytics And Modeling


DexLab Analytics Credit Risk Modeling and Scorecards


70 hours


Online, live classroom, flexible weekend schedules

What you will learn in this course:

  • Basic descriptive analysis
  • Basic statistical interference
  • Basic predictive modeling techniques
  • Advanced credit model development
  • Introduction to credit risk scorecards
  • Understanding of scorecard model vocabulary
  • Detailed training on scorecard model development
  • Credit risk regulatory guidelines with BASE II
  • Regulatory stress testing guidelines with DFAST and CCAR

Credit risk management with credit risk models forms a framework for measuring the risk associated with traditional crediting products like loans, financial letters of credit, commitments made to offer credit etc. In today’s times lending money is a risky business as the chances of defaulting from borrowers is high, and in such circumstances you will experience losses in your portfolio. But in a slightly less extreme scenario, the risk factor of the loan amount may deteriorate due to some rating system. These are the basic situations in which credit risk manifests itself.

This course will offer you an opportunity to understand the measurement of central tendency, measurement of dispersion, asymmetry, tests for normality, sampling techniques, Estimation theory, types of statistical tests, linear regression, logistic regression, banking products and processes, need for scorecards, uses of scorecard, scorecard model development, use of scorecard for designing business strategies of a bank, LGD, PD, EAD, Coarse classing and much more.

With a certification in Credit Risk Management a student will gain proficiency in understanding and usage of the basic credit risk management tools. Secure competitive advantage for your company with enhanced credit risk management techniques.

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