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Customer & Marketing Analytics using SAS

Customer & Marketing Analytics using SAS refers to the methodologies and technologies that provide organizations the customer insights necessary to determine the success of their intensive marketing endeavors. Being the cornerstone for all marketing initiatives, Customer Analytics includes techniques, like data visualization, predictive modeling, information management and segmentation. Our course at DexLab Analytics will help […]


Market Risk Analytics and Modelling

Things to Learn from Market Risk Certification: Major types of risks faced by banks Financial Crisis and its impact on the Banking system Sources and scope of market risk Theoretical Probability distributions required to assess the market risks Volatility forecasting and clustering models Value at Risk Modelling Quantitative Models of market risk Description of Key […]


Retail Analytics and Modelling

What we focus on: Basic Descriptive Measures Regression Time Series Process flow of an analytics project Association Rules and Market Basket Analysis Market Mix Modelling Customer Segmentation using Decision Tree Response Modelling Loyalty Program / Churn Analysis Cross Sell and Up Sell Models Sales Forecasting Pricing Models In today’s world, Analytics is the most powerful […]


Machine Learning Using Python

Machine Learning is a “Field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed”. In this data driven age, machine learning is being used to compile and extract the massive volumes of data that are generated daily. Big shot multinational corporations are now using machine learning to glean real-time insights to […]


Credit Risk Analytics And Modeling

What you will learn in this course: Basic descriptive analysis Basic statistical interference Basic predictive modeling techniques Advanced credit model development Introduction to credit risk scorecards Understanding of scorecard model vocabulary Detailed training on scorecard model development Credit risk regulatory guidelines with BASE II Regulatory stress testing guidelines with DFAST and CCAR Credit risk management […]


MS Excel Certification

MS Excel Workbooks belonging to Microsoft Excel are a common tool which is used to present and compile data. The advanced Excel courses from DexLab Analytics acquaint the learner with detailed knowledge of the data analytics features of MS Excel in little time. The MS Excel dashboard is one of the methods to work with […]


Data Science Certification

Data Science is the combination of process and systems that are used to gather insights and extract knowledge from various data forms both structured and unstructured. The field of data science incorporates a wide variety of topics and disciplines and may rightly be considered to be an extension of specialized fields like statistics, mining of […]


Business Analytics Certification

A wide variety of techniques in statistics which range from machine learning, modeling, and mining of data is put into use in the wider field of predictive analytics. They are used to predict unknown and future events. In the case of businesses, predictive models make the most of the patterns found to exist in historical […]