Certified DexLab Analytics & Intelligence Professional

We conduct in-house Certifications process for all who have enrolled in our courses. The process is as per industry standards and is a rigorous one which each student needs to clear with through preparation. Our certification process is recognized across the industry and we have based it on the learning approach method.

This approach requires students to appear for a test after the completion of each module. Once the entire program is over, they need to prepare and submit a detailed case study report on the domain of their interest or expertise. The last step involves a presentation including a viva exam which is conducted on a specific date and time. This involves the final evaluation step in the grading process.

The overall grading is based on the marks obtained across each module as well as the final presentation. The overall passing criterion is 45%.

Our detailed step by step approach helps students understand their own challenge areas and hence concentrate on improving themselves. The self-paced approach makes them responsible, enabling them to be more confident when they are in the actual job.

Our certification is sure to help open doors to the exciting and lucrative opportunities in the exciting arena of big data analytics. One of the biggest benefits of our certification process is that it empowers you to be eligible for up gradations in future as well as qualifying you to attain the complete certification.


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