Placements & Assistance

  • We understand that once you complete our industry standard certification led programs, you will be keen to start your career in this high growth potential industry. We go beyond the training to provide helpful and active lifetime assistance on various areas that will enable you to approach your career with confidence. As you work towards earning a certification through our courses and get on board as a professional Big Data analyst, there are some key benefits offered to you by our team. We call these our form of accelerated learning opportunities and advantages to ensure that you get the head start in this industry. Of course, in order to leverage our placement assistance, it is mandatory to clear the certification process.
  • Live Job Updates- Our team has worked towards creating a self reliant structure that goes beyond plain training in terms of helping you find suitable jobs. We provide some user-friendly features designed to get you a firm footing to build your career track. According to industry reports, In India, Big Data analytics and related IT services will create an estimated 15,000-20,000 specialist jobs by 2015
  • Our student corner contains live job updates compiled across industries and various locations to help you gather information in one place in order to help you make informed decisions. The tool gives updates on relevant jobs across levels and makes it accessible to you. The advantage is that now you can focus on your training while we do the behind the scenes work to get you all the possible information you need to explore suitable jobs to help you get started on your employment objective. We also feature companies that maybe looking at hiring directly from us, which is an added advantage for our students.
  • Resume Building- We In today highly competitive job market, we realize that first impressions count and a well written and industry-oriented resume is the one of the best ways to make a lasting first impression. You will receive expert guidance and professional inputs in helping you design a resume that is relevant, professional and impressive. This would be the first step towards landing the coveted job and we are here to help you ace it.
  • Mock Interview-While a well written resume and a social media profile helps you ace the initial steps, cracking the interview with senior executives from companies can pose a challenge. This is where we step in, with our industry experience and tenure, to help you feel confident in this situation. Our mock interview sessions are designed to make you feel comfortable by simulating a live interview scenario. The objective is to help you understand your weaker areas, and your strengths so it will help you work on the aspects that can pose a challenge in the actual interview. We are sure that by partaking in these sessions, you will be able to face the actual interview with more confidence and be well prepared too.

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