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Get Introduced to Big Data Analytic Techniques and Fly High

Big data is the big word, NOW. Data sets are becoming more and more large and complex, making it extremely troublesome to coordinate activities using on-hand database management tools.


The flourishing growth in IT industry has triggered numerous complimentary conditions. One of the conditions is the emergence of Big Data. This two-word seven-letter catch phrase deals with a humongous amount of data, which is of prime importance in the eyes of the company in question. And the resultant effect leads to another branch of science, which is Data Analytics.


The First Annual Big Data Conference in Pune: Where the Big Data World Meets

The First Annual Big Data Conference in Pune, the largest and sole Big Data event that country is going to witness, will be taking place on 15th April 2017, from 10 AM to 6 PM. The conference will be hosting some of the top-notch speakers from the Big Data domain, including thought leaders, data scientists and data engineers from in and around Pune, India. The focus of the sessions and discussions will be solely on Hadoop, and its related ecosystem and Data Science. Moreover, the conference will also highlight successful big data use cases, implementations and insights, which will help in better implementation of Big Data solutions.

The First Annual Big Data Conference in Pune: Where the Big Data World Meets

Today, data driven solutions have become a critical factor across mainstream industries. While big data implementations are driving the industries towards success, customer expectations are making ways to embrace the need for Big Data innovations. The First Annual Big Data Conference in Pune will be strengthening the belief that a vibrant big data community embracing new technical upgrades and developments will offer better employment opportunities and enhance the overall local endowment base.


A Lead to Future: Data Analytics in Pune


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