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Conducting Intensive Workshops – A Holistic, Exhaustive and Multidimensional Approach to Learning

Knowledge was scattered treasure; education organized it into art, commerce and science.

― Amit Kalantri – a magician, mentalist and an author


Conducting Intensive Workshops – A Holistic, Exhaustive and Multidimensional Approach to Learning


St. Stephen’s College, Delhi presents the magnanimous Academic Conclave 2017 – an initiative to endorse intellectual exuberance of the college and to strengthen interdisciplinary education across myriad fields of study. Often, the term ‘Academics’ is misinterpreted as ‘boring’ but once you attend this stellar event, you will definitely get a sneak peek of a perfect amalgamation of enthusiasm and comprehensive knowledge offered to the up-and-coming scholars of India. The intent is to establish a common accessible platform for incubation of ideas, interaction of thoughts and infestation of intellectuality and what can be better than host interactive workshop sessions! Besides lectures and keynote addresses, workshops are being conducted to encourage an easy interaction between the students and stalwarts of specific domains.


Banking Business and Banking Instruments

Having discussed some amount of mandatory regulatory compliances for banks over the past couple of blogs, let us now focus on the bank’s lines of business. Understanding the different banking products is inevitable for credit risk management and analytics. One has to be well versed with the nature of banking products before they step in to develop model for any of them.  Each banking product has its own characteristics and its own set of risk exposure. Hence, understanding these products is the top priority. In this blog we discuss three of the major banking products: Checking Accounts, Savings accounts and Certificate of Deposits.




Checking Accounts: This is a transactional deposit account held at a financial institution that allows for withdrawal and deposits. Money held in a checking account is liquid, and can be easily withdrawn using checks, automated cash machines, and electronic debits among other methods. It allows for numerous withdrawals, unlimited deposits etc. These accounts are known as current accounts in UK. These are often loss leaders for large commercial banks since they become highly commotized. Because money held in checking accounts is so liquid, aggregate balances nationwide are used in the calculation of M1 money supply.


The Limitation of R Programming

R Programming is sort of the darling of the academia and researchers as well due to the cutting edge tools of data science and analytics that it offers. Not only does its open source nature ensure that contributors to the project are able to come out with packages that facilitates in making R Programming be able to sport the latest advances in its field but also make it a option that may be implemented with burning a hole in ones pockets.


The Limitation of R Programming

The Disadvantages of R

In spite of all its flexibility, R is found want in a number of specific situations. R cannot scale properly with large sets of data. There have been a number of efforts to overcome this significant disadvantage of R, but these efforts have not met with much success and the bottleneck remains an issue which needs to be dealt with seriously.


The evolution of Big Data in business decision making

Big Data is big. We have all established that, and now we know that all the noise about Big Data is not just hype but is reality. The data generated on earth is doubling in every 1.2 years and the mountainous heap of data keep streaming in from different sources with the increase in technology.


The evolution of Big Data in business decision making


Why “R in Action” Sizzles in Smoke among R Programming Aficionados

Data Scientists are much in demand these days and almost everyone wants a part of the pie. You might wonder whether the second edition of “R in Action: Data Analysis and Graphics with R” up to the task. Read on to find out.

The first edition was released way back in 2011 and received a warm reception among those with an interest in R Programming. To state the review of the second edition in a nutshell- it does not disappoint.

Geared towards statisticians coming to terms with R, this book will however leave programmers wanting to get acquainted with R, without much clue.

Why “R in Action” Sizzles in Smoke among R Programming Aficionados

That does not mean that the book lacks detail about the fundamentals and intricate concepts associated with R. It just means that those who actually have some statistical work to do will derive greater benefits from it. This book is pitched towards the people who are wondering about how to do a certain task that they are able to do in another statistical package.


Twelve Great Free R Programming E-books

To Big Data enthusiasts R is word or rather a letter that needs no introduction. R programming is a programming language that brings the complex world of statistics and datasets at your fingertips. It is mainly used for computing statistics and relevant graphics. The following twelve e-books are not only useful to bring you up to the task for R programming but best of all they are free.

Twelve Great Free R Programming E-books

  • Learning Statistics with R

Author: Daniel Navarro

If you are looking for a guide that will take you through the intricacies of developing software with R be it the basic types and structures of data to more complex topics like recursion, closures as well as anonymous functions. Knowledge of statistics, although helpful, is not an essential pre-requisite .

  • The R Inferno

Author: Patrick Burns

If you are the kind to likes to dwell on the oddities as well as the trouble spots of a particular subject matter then the free eBook “The R Inferno” was written keeping in mind your particular likes. Despite the considerable number of R potholes exposed here R retains its place as one of the best computational environments for most tasks related to data analysis.

  • Statistics with R

Author: Vincent Zoonekynd

For R newbies this ebook provides an introduction to R at an elementary level. It is intended to be read by statistics students and scientists across diverse fields who are not necessarily statistician themselves.

  • The Art of R Programming: A Tour of Statistical Software Design

Author: Norman Matloff

This book serves a similar purpose to the one mentioned at the very beginning of the list. Best of all no foreknowledge of statistics is required and you do not exactly need to be a programming ninja to get acquainted with R through the help of this book.

  • Advanced R Programming

Author: Hadley Wickham

If you are an existing R user and want to brush up your understanding of the complex language of R as well as acquire some complex skills at programming in this particular programming language then look no further. It also comes in pretty handy for programmers migrating from other languages to the world of R.

  • Introduction to Probability and Statistics Using R

Author: G. Jay Kerns

This ebook happens to be a part of course material for undergraduate students in statistics and probability. However knowledge of Calculus and linear algebra is essential to make the most of this ebook.

  • Using R for Data Analysis and Graphics

Author: J H Maindonald

This is books acts as a guide to the powerful and practical tools that R provides to its users. The stress in this particular ebook is on graphical display, analysis performed on a hands-on level as well as how to interpret the data at hand.

  • An Introduction to R: A Programming Environment for Data Analysis

This is more of a tutorial manual rather than an ebook and serves as a introduction to R and a comprehensive introduction when it comes to that.

  • Introduction to Statistical Thinking, with R, without Calculus

Yet another introduction to the world of R and statistics this sans the necessity of an understanding of calculus, this ebook is meant for students who are required to go through statistics and have little knowledge of maths and little motivation. However this ebook makes it easy and may be even interesting to delve in the exciting world of R.

  • Applied Spatial Data Analysis with R

Author(s): Roger S. Bivand, et al

If you are a researcher who had to handle spatial data and have to also analyze and visualize the dame then this ebook was written keeping your specific needs in mind.

  • A Handbook of Statistical Analyses Using R

Author(s): Brian S. Everitt, et al

Ideal for R newbies as well as more advanced users of the R programming language seeking a more concrete and step-by-step guide for making the most of this powerful piece of software for analysis of datasets and statiustics.

  • Using R for Introductory Statistics

Author: John Verzani

Building a strong foundation for advanced study in development and statistics making use of R. This is an ideal text for those who want to integrate statistics study with a computational tool that offers both power and flexibility.

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