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Python Programming Training Module

Simple syntax, easy to understand and a forgiving language, Python is an incredibly high-level, object-oriented programming language. It is the brainchild of Guido Van Rossum. It boasts of a wide set of applications, starting from scientific and mathematical computing (Orange, SymPy, NumPy), web development (like: Django and Bottle) to desktop graphical user Interfaces (Pygame, Panda3D). […]


Data Science & Machine Learning Certification

Machine Learning is ruling the world – and several top notch companies are seeking skilled analytics professionals who have the desired experience and expertise to tackle the growing complexities that this new revolutionary technology brings into. It is a budding tech tool that is used extensively for placing ads, stock trading, web searching, credit scoring […]


Advance Big Data Certification

In the world of data analytics, big data is stealing thunder. In the next 5 years, it is expected that more than half of the data generated in this world will resort to Hadoop – which is an open source data infrastructure framework for smart data storage and processing. Big data technology is critical to […]


Apache Spark Certification

Apache Spark aids faster application development and brings forth in-memory processing for big data. It is a standard-purpose engine perfect for large-scale data processing. It supports robust application development related to big data and allows code reuse across batch, interactive and streaming applications. Today, it is mostly used in creating data pipelines and generating cutting […]


Corporate Trainings

We provide specific programs directed towards students or employees on behalf of educational institutes and corporate organizations alike. The programs offer flexibility in that, training workshops may be held at a place as per the convenience of the organization, on/campus or office or our premises. The timings also remain flexible according to the needs of the company or institution in question.

For institutes our training courses are inclusive of technologies in Big Data, Analytics and Visualization tools such as R Programming, SAS, Big Data Hadoop, IBM SPSS, MS Excel VBA Dashboards and Macros, Tableau, Matlab, Weka, Statistica,Qlik View BI Dashboard, iPhython, Minitab, CPlex, IBM Cognos, IPSolve, Lingo/Lindo, Tora, E-Views, PH Stat and finally Ampl.
We further provide mentor led services that add value like imparting soft skills, sessions in building resumes and training for both corporate and educational organizations.

As if these flexibilities in facilities would not suffice we further provide customized solutions that look after specific requirements and needs. We are always looking forward to hear from corporate and educational institutes of all sizes so that they remain ahead of the curve in this industry that promises to be highly lucrative.


MS Excel Certification

The humble and well recognized Excel Workbook is a tool that is used most commonly for compilation and presentation of data. Interacting with MS Excel dashboard while working with inputs of data is hugely popular. When this is paired with VBA, the resultant tool is enhanced to make tasks like analyzing easier, friendlier to users and more effective as well as faster. One huge advantage is that in a single view the user gets an insight into very detailed data thus ensuring that the process of analysis is made further easy and can be relied upon.

The specific module of our course lets you master this helpful piece of software and makes the process of analysis one that requires minimum time to implement and grasp.


Tableau BI Certification

Tableau by and large is software dedicated to business intelligence. It enables anyone to make connections with data and then proceed with its visualization and in the process create dashboards that are both interactive as well as sharable. Any existing user of Excel will feel at home with Tableau while advanced users can perform even […]


R Programming Certification

R Programming happens to be a language of programming and software environment for statistical and graphical computing. The language is popular among data-miners and statisticians in order to develop software for statistics and is also used in analysis of data. In the recent past R has been gaining grounds with regards to popularity among users when conducting exercises in the world of data analytics and the programs offered by DexLab Analytics let you gain insights into the workings of this programming language in minute details.

It is open source, making it easy to access apart from being free. The capability in terms of graphics is of the highest order and can easily process huge amounts of data with efficiency. There is also a healthy online community that supports it and one can approach experts at R Programming relatively easily.

We have designed our program on integrated R-analytics with inputs from domain authorities, experts of the industry as well as professionals working in the core industry. Every module is sagaciously balanced between practical training and theory. Our courses are meant for professionals who intend to join this sector that shows exceptionally high growth, and beginners who aspire to a profession as data analysts.


SAS Certification

SAS was earlier referred to as Statistical Analysis System and is a suite of software which was developed by the SAS Institute for meeting the needs of advanced analytics, management of data, business intelligence and also predictive analysis. SAS brings with itself a host of advantages to professionals who have to deal with analysis of big data.

A variety of factors contribute towards this. The software has been around for quite some time and companies are conversant with the finer nuances of this particular tool. It is time tested software for commercial analytics. The advantages of SAS are inclusive of factors such as an efficient GUI, customer support available 24×7 besides a significant array of statistical functions. It also is intuitive, and detailed documentation can be referred to in order to clarify doubts and questions. The software is updated on a regular basis and the installation and other tech related challenges are easily overcome through quality customer support.

Our program on SAS has been developed by experts and domain authorities of particular industries. We offer a dynamic blend of hands on training and theory modules based on application. This facilitates grasp of the intricate details and gets you up and running with the software in no time at all. The course is meant for those who wish to switch careers to a role as a business analyst or for freshers who wish to embark on rewarding careers on the field of big data analytics.


Big Data Hadoop Certification

The management, storage and processing of data is one of the prime challenges faced by large corporations of today. This undoubtedly is an era of Big Data and no less than ninety percent of the data of the world was generated in the last two years alone. Getting faster results while managing such huge amounts of data is nearly an impossibility. This crisis was foreseen by Google during the early nineties itself and they felt the need to create a framework that could make the management and processing of data much faster. The result was Hadoop which was developed by Doug Cutting from the Apache Spark Foundation.

Hadoop is open source and is an infrastructure framework for processing and storage of data. The ecosystem of Hadoop is mainly populated by its Map Reduce and HDFS or the Hadoop Distributed File System. The HDFS is, as the name suggests, a storage system that is distributed as r the Big Data handled by Hadoop simply cannot fit in a single unit of computer storage. Map Reduce is meant for data processing on a parallel and massive manner so as to map the data together at once. It is the communicator agent for Hadoop and branches out the output as well as the input of data.

Hadoop is deployed keeping in mind the storage of big data, business analytics, ETL processing and machine learning as well. The module for Big Data Hadoop is mainly meant for students who have a background in computer or applied science, and are familiar with knowledge of Java and after the training they will have sound familiarity with Hadoop and Machine Learning through the use of Mahout.