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In the world of data analytics, big data is stealing thunder. In the next 5 years, it is expected that more than half of the data generated in this world will resort to Hadoop – which is an open source data infrastructure framework for smart data storage and processing.

Big data technology is critical to our lives, and its emerging as one of the most significant factor in providing accurate analysis, which leads to better, concrete decision-making resulting in cost reductions, lesser risks and higher operational efficiencies.

This certification course covers the use of functional concepts of Hadoop and Apache Spark. From the extension of data parallel paradigm to distributed case to the salient features of sequential Scala collections, this module offers extensive knowledge on all the important frameworks.

Having said that, Advanced Big Data Certification course curated to perfection by DexLab Analytics is intended for data-hungry individuals, who want to bite bigger slices of big data hadoop cognition. The course itinerary covers:

Apache Hadoop:

  • A brief history of Hadoop
  • Why hadoop
  • Fundamentals of Hadoop
  • Motivation and limitation of hadoop
  • Projects and components
  • Available Distributions of Hadoop (Cloudera, Hortonworks)


  • Installing python
  • Which python is good for you?
  • Installing on Microsoft windows
  • Installing on ubuntu linux
  • Python editors

Apache Spark:

  • Introducing Scala/JAVA/Python
  • Basic collection in the language
  • Writing lambdas in the languages
  • Introduction to IDE of choice
  • Manipulating data with Spark & Scala
  • Solving distribution issues using Scala
  • Expressing algorithms in a functional style
  • Working with RDD in Apache Spark using Scala
  • Working with DataFrame in Apache Spark using Scala
  • Variable declaration in Scala

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