Potential of the Big Data Analytics Industry

Big Data equals Big Potential. According to IDC, The big data and analytics market will reach 125 billion worldwide in 2015 Further on, IDC also predicts, Clearly IoT (Internet of Things) analytics will be hot, with a five-year CAGR of 30%.

The above statistics clearly highlight the vast potential this industry has and this directly means that industry ready data analytics professionals will be needed to take on this mandate. Currently, most of the companies across all sizes depend on vast pools of data to understand consumers, markets, product innovation, investment versus risk reward and so much more. Both structured and unstructured data is finding its way into company’s decision making exercises. In order to make sure that all this data serves a critical purpose and enables informed decision making for businesses, professionals are needed to make the discovery and come up with actionable insights.

In terms of the availability of jobs, IDC sees a clear shortage of industry ready professionals in this high growth area. For e.g. IDC found that in the U.S. alone there will be 181,000 deep analytics roles in 2018 and 5x that many positions requiring related skills in data management and interpretation. This sheer demand will require skilled and well trained professionals who can make successful global careers.

The above reality is also endorsed by leading analyst firm Gartner in its Top Ten Predictions for 2015. According to Gartner, Analytics will take center stage as the volume of data generated by embedded systems increases and vast pools of structured and unstructured data within and outside the enterprise are analyzed.The firm states clearly that organizations are keen to see the value in the answers and not the data. Again, this clearly states that career opportunities for the right skilled personnel are on an exponential basis.

How can you make a career?

The only way a professional will be industry ready to make the most of this high potential career opportunity is by being trained and having firm footing in the fundamentals. Programs created by actual industry experts who have core subject matter expertise and proven track record are the first steps. Additionally, it is important to have a training partner who helps you beyond the certification but acts as your counselor to enable you to become industry ready. Practical training approach with a combination on theory and getting you placement ready is a key differentiator.


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