Apache Spark Certification

Apache Spark Certification

Apache Spark Certification

Apache Spark Certification

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Apache Spark aids faster application development and brings forth in-memory processing for big data. It is a standard-purpose engine perfect for large-scale data processing. It supports robust application development related to big data and allows code reuse across batch, interactive and streaming applications.

Today, it is mostly used in creating data pipelines and generating cutting edge machine learning models. It is fast, and powered by sophisticated development APIs to allow data analysts to efficiently perform streaming, SQL workloads or machine learning that calls for speedy iterative access to datasets.

Our Apache Spark training course at DexLab Analytics offers a broad introduction to the language of choice (SCALA/JAVA/PYTHON), along with shedding enough light upon basic collection in the language, writing lambdas in the languages and introduction to IDE of choice. Our experienced consultants will share their hard-earned knowledge on the fundamentals of Scala, Spark Install, Spark Core, SQL and Streaming to make you proficient in the field of machine learning. Enroll in our Spark online training today!

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