Big Data Hadoop Certification

Big Data Hadoop Certification

Big Data Hadoop Certification

DexLab Big Data Hadoop Certified

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One of the biggest challenges large corporations face today is to store, manage and process their data. Today in the era of big data where in 90% of the worlds data is generated in the last two year, it is almost impossible to manage such data and generate faster results. A need to develop a framework which could manage data storage and processing in a much faster, cheaper, efficient and reliable way was identified by Google in early 1990’s. This led to the final development of Hadoop by Doug Cutting of Apache Spark Foundation. Hadoop is an open source data infrastructure framework for data storage and processing. Its ecosystem mainly comprises of the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) and Map Reduce. HDFS is a distributed system for storage as so much of data won’t fit in a single system. Map Reduce processes the data in a massive parallel manner and its primary objective is to map the data together. It branches out both the input and output of the data and is the communicator agent for Hadoop.


Large corporations are using Hadoop for storing big data, ETL processing, machine learning and business analytics. DexLab is an Institute imparting Big Data Hadoop training and certification and their Big Data Hadoop Courses in Pune, Delhi and Gurgaon is designed for computer science and applied science candidates with knowledge of Java to be able to work on Big Data Hadoop and Machine Leaning using Mahout.

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