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...Deep Learning and AI using Python


Theano, Keras, Tensor Flow, Neural Networks, NLP, Image – Face – Audio Recognition


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Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence using Python

  • Hands-on, Instructor-led, Use-Case Project-based, Classroom Training
  • 2+Live Projects; 10 Business Use Case Studies

Things to Learn:

  • Introduction to Deep Learning and Artificial Neural Networks
  • Implementation of Gradient Boosting Trees with XGBoost for Applied Machine Learning
  • Intricacies of Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • How to develop a Character-Based Neural Language Model
  • Basics of Bilingual Evaluation Understudy (BLEU) Score and Machine Translation

Deep Learning is the compelling machine learning technique that’s weaving wonders in diverse areas, such as image robotics, image recognition, NLP (Natural Language Processing) and artificial intelligence (including the most notable AlphaGo).

The Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence using Python training course is one of the most advanced practical trainings available in the country and a lead-in to the fundamentals of deep learning methods and techniques.

The course curriculum will familiarize students with the fundamental concepts of deep learning as well as help them gain practical knowledge of using deep learning with Keras 2.0, the latest version of an advanced deep learning library in Python. The program will cover important topics like Keras, TensorFlow, Neural Networks and Image – Face – Audio Recognition.

Program Highlights:

  • Seasoned Industry Experts Faculty with Real-time Experience
  • Hands-on Practical Implementation-based Training Using Real Business Examples
  • Instructor-led Approach
  • Industry-relevant Course Curriculum (study materials + references + course sheets + practice sets + data sets & assignments)
  • Post Training Assessment-based Certification
  • Placement Support
  • Capstone Project (mandatory post completion of the training)
  • Batch Strength Restricted to 10-12 Students (so that they get individual attention and development)

NOTE: Students are requested to carry their own laptops for training. The use of own laptops in classroom training not only makes students more efficient learners but also turns teachers into much better instructors. With powerful installations and cutting edge study tools loaded in the laptops, our students can easily learn and develop acumen from home, making the entire process of education more productive, seamless and hassle-free.


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