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Interesting Things to Do With Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel, whenever you hear this term, you visualise calculations, graphs, tables, formulas and what not – stuffs normally used to arrange and analyse data making pie charts, and countless related gimmicks.

Gaining proficiency in this specific software appears to be a common matter of concern for aspiring professionals from whatever field, they belongs to – and not just the ones who hail from a finance, accounts or IT background.

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But do you know that MS Excel can be used for other interesting stuffs, apart from regular work-related things, like gaming and art? I guess not.

Leaf through a set of amazing projects completed with Microsoft Excel, which will surely knock you off your feet. So, are you ready?


How to Create a Macro With MS Excel

Did you know that with Excel you can now automate tasks by writing so called programs macros. In this tutorial, we will learn how do so, by learning to create a simple macro, which will executable after clicking a command button. To begin you must first turn on the developer tab:

How to Create a Macro With MS Excel

Developer tab:

Do the following steps to turn the developer tab on:


  1. First right click anywhere on the ribbon, and then click on Customize the Ribbon.



Tutorial for creating a Speedometer dial in MS Excel

Here in this video tutorial we have discussed in detailed steps, how to create a Speedometer chart in MS Excel. A Speedometer chart is often called as a gauge chart and combines two different type of charts, a pie chart and a doughnut chart.

 Tutorial for creating a Speedometer dial in MS Excel

The Speedometer dial is made with the help of using a Doughnut chart and needle is actually a combination of two types of charts, another doughnut chart and a pie chart.


Let us Revise Regression Analysis

By now every business owner and manager is aware of the latest megatrend related to data analysis and knows that they should make data-driven decisions only at work. Gut feeling and winging it are now practices outdates as they have proved time and again that they fail. But the problem still remains in the know-how of parsing through all the layers of data streaming into your systems. Do you have the requisite know how?


Let us revise regression analysis


Luckily for you, you may not be the one to crunch all the numbers (phew!). You pay other robotic data analytics personnel to do that for you. But you must correctly understand the analysis report that is handed over to you for interpretation after your colleagues are done with all the heavy lifting. A common practice is the realm of data analysis is regression analysis.


Gain Expertise in MS Excel with DexLab Analytics

MS Excel needs no introduction as spreadsheet program. As part of the MS Office suite it has been a regular software skill expected from employees across the globe regardless their roles or levels. But the utility of MS Excel in the world of Big Data is not so widely acknowledged due to the lack of awareness. But that does not rob it of any of its sting as a Big Data tool to advanced Excel users.




So if you are keen to know more about the emerging technology that elite techies cannot stop raving about, a solid grounding in MS Excel will serve you well. Accordingly DexLab Analytics has scheduled a symposium on the topic of Designing MS Excel Dashboards as an introduction to the Big Data capabilities of Big Data to aspiring data analystand data scientists. The symposium is going to be MS Excel Experts who also instruct students of DexLab Analytics most of whom have been advanced users of MS Excel for more than a decade.


Using Hadoop Analyse Retail Wifi Log File

Since a long time we are providing Big Data Hadoop training in Gurgaon to aspirant seeking a career in this domain.So, here our Hadoop experts are going to share a big data Hadoop case study.Think of the wider perspective, as various sensors produce data. Considering a real store we listed out these sensors- free WiFi access points, customer frequency counters located at the doors, smells, the cashier system, temperature, background music and video capturing etc.


big data hadoop


While many of the sensors required hardware and software, a few sensor options are around for the same. Our experts found out that WiFi points provide the most amazing sensor data that do not need any additional software or hardware. Many visitors have Wi- Fi-enabled smart phones. With these Wifi log files, we can easily find out the following-


Ms Excel VBA May Be Used To Predict Sales

MS Excel VBA has uses in various facets of day to day activities of businesses. But it is a little known factthat this tool may also be used to carry out advanced functions like predicting future sales. This blogpost will try to represent in as an illustrative way as possible how it manages to do the same with thelimitations imposed by the format of this text based post.Suppose we have sales data of two sets for 24 periods within the time range of January 2013 to the December of 2014.


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