How Much You Can Expect To Earn As A SAS Expert in India

The salary, on an average, for a SAS Programmer residing in India stands at Rs. 396,305. This salary is calculated on a yearly basis. It has been observed that most SAS programmers switch to other, mainly more senior, positions after 10 years in this particular career path. This is a field that has strong emphasis on experience which is reflected in the salary as well. For a higher paying position, associated skills like MS Excel, UNIX and SQL/PL are highly recommended.
How Much You Can Expect To Earn As A SAS Expert in India

Average Salary

According to National Salary Data, the salary of a SAS Programmer might range from anywhere in between Rs 201,550 at the bottom end of the spectrum to a whopping Rs 857,227 at the top. Further,  bonuses range from none to Rs 100,591. In some instances there is also an option of profit sharing which starts from none and caps at Rs 59,598. This pushes the pay range to lie anywhere in between Rs. 205,987 to Rs 917,343.

Popular Employers and Their Salaries

Quintiles, Inc., a popular employer among SAS Programmers pays in the range of Rs 288k to 660k. Novartis is by far the highest payer with salaries ranging from Rs 355k-910k. TCS or Tata Consultancy Services pays anything between Rs 305k-579k. Icon Clinical Research Inc also pays on the higher range with the lowest and highest salaries standing at Rs 354k to 757k. Inventiv Health is also another popular employer with salaries ranging from Rs 394-800k while Accenture offers anywhere from Rs 216k-615k to its data programmers.

Experience of SAS Programmers Residing in India

The experience of the overwhelming majority, 66% to be precise, of SAS programmers in India have 1 to 4 years of experience while 19% of them have experience of 5-9 years. 13% of SAS programmers have experience of less than a single year while only a small minority of 2% has experience in excess of ten years.


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