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Data Science: Is It the Right Answer?

‘Big Data’, and then there is ‘Data Science’. These terms are found everywhere, but there is a constant issue lingering with their effectiveness. How effective is data science? Is Big Data an overhyped concept stealing the thunder?
Summing this up, Tim Harford stated in a leading financial magazine –“Big Data has arrived, but big insights have not.” Well, to be precise, Data Science nor Big Data are to be blamed for this, whereas the truth is there exists a lot of data around, but in different places. The aggregation of data is difficult and time-consuming.

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Statistically, Data science may be the next-big-thing, but it is yet to become mainstream. Though prognosticators predict 50% of organizations are going to use Data Science in 2017, more practical visionaries put the numbers closer to 15%. Big Data is hard, but it is Data Science that is even harder. Gartner reports, “Only 15% organizations are able to channelize Data Science to production.” – The reason being the gap existing between Data Science expectations and reality.

Big Data is relied upon so extensively that companies have started to expect more than it can actually deliver. Additionally, analytics-generated insights are easier to be replicated – of late, we studied a financial services company where we found a model based on Big Data technology only to learn later that the developers had already developed similar models for several other banks. It means, duplication is to be expected largely.

However, Big Data is the key to Data Science success. For years, the market remained exhilarated about Big Data. Yet, years after big data infused into Hadoop, Spark, etc., Data Science is nowhere near a 50% adoption rate. To get the best out of this revered technology, organizations need vast pools of data and not the latest algorithms. But the biggest reason for Big Data failure is that most of the companies cannot muster in the information they have, properly. They don’t know how to manage it, evaluate it in the exact ways that amplify their understanding, and bring in changes according to newer insights developed. Companies never automatically develop these competencies; they first need to know how to use the data in the correct manner in their mainframe systems, much the way he statisticians’ master arithmetic before they start on with algebra. So, unless and until a company learns to derive out the best from its data and analysis, Data Science has no role to play.

Even if companies manage to get past the above mentioned hurdles, they fail miserably in finding skillful data scientists, who are the right guys for the job in question. Veritable data scientists are rare to find these days. Several universities are found offering Data Science programs for the learners, but instead of focusing on the theoretical approach, Data Science is a more practical discipline. Classroom training is not what you should be looking for. Seek for a premier Data analyst training institute and grab the fundamentals of Data Science. DexLab Analytics is here with its amazing analyst courses in Delhi. Get enrolled today to outshine your peers and leave an imprint in the bigger Big Data community for long.

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When Machines Do Everything – How to Survive?

In the coming years, jobs and businesses are going to be impacted; reason AI. Today’s generation is very much concerned about how the bots will consume everything; from jobs to skills, the smart machines will spare nothing! It is true that machines are going to replace man-powered jobs – by using robots, mundane jobs can be performed in a flick of an eye freeing people working in bigger organisations to innovate and succeed.


Machine Learning training course Pune


Trends to Watch Out – Global Self-service Business Intelligence (BI) Market 2017

Gartner says – By 2020, the global BI and Analytics market is expected to flourish to USD 22.8 billion.


Trends to Watch Out - Global Self-service Business Intelligence (BI) Market 2017


The Global Self-Service Business Intelligence (BI) Market Research Report 2017 provides a comprehensive, detailed analysis of Self-Service BI industry, including the present Self-Service BI market trends and norms. It mainly focuses on the market of big continents, like North America, Europe and Asia, coupled with countries like Germany, US, China and Japan.


Data-Analytics Driven Insights Still Distrusted By Executives!

While organizations are all words about having data driven decision making to drive their businesses, but maximum of business leaders seem to lack confidence in the information generated from data analytics. But in the rest of the world, demand for analytics training institute is on the rise with every passing day…


Data-Analytics Driven Insights Still Distrusted By Executives!


Data analysis is increasingly becoming central to decision-making in companies, especially in departments where people work towards increasing customer growth, improving productivity, and risk management. But although companies push to make their decision making process more data dependent, it seems business leaders are still more accustomed to taking serious business based on gut instincts and experiences. They still seem to have trouble trusting the insights shared from meticulous data analysis processes.


Latest Open Source Tools in Data Analytics Beyond Apache Spark

In the IT world change is always in the air, but especially in the realm of data analytics, profound change is coming up as open source tools are making a huge impact. Well you may already be familiar with most of the stars in the open source space like Hadoop and Spark. But with the growing demand for new analytical tools which will help to round up the data holistically within the analytical ecosystem. A noteworthy point about these tools is the fact that they can be customized to process streaming data.


Latest Open Source Tools in Data Analytics Beyond Apache Spark


With the emergence of the IoT (Internet of things) that is giving rise to numerous devices and sensors which will add to this stream of data production, this forms one of the key trends why we need more advanced data analytics tools. The use of streaming data analysis is used for enhanced drug discovery, and institutes like SETI and NASA are also collaborating with each other to analyze terabytes of data, that are highly complex and stream deep in space radio signals.