Alteryx is Inclined to Make Things Easy

Alteryx is Inclined to Make Things Easy

Alteryx Analytics is primarily looking to ease the usability of the platform in all of the updates that are yet to come. The esteemed data analytics platform is concentrating on reducing the complexities to attract more users and thus, widen their age-old user base beyond that of the data scientists and data analytics professionals.

Alteryx is headquartered in Irvine, California. It was founded as SRC LLC in 1997 and comes with a suite of four tools to help the world of data scientists and data analysts to manage and interpret data easily. Alteryx Connect, Alteryx Designer, Alteryx Promote and Alteryx Server are the main components of the analytics platform of Alteryx. Thus, it is worth mentioning that the Alteryx Certification Course is a must if you are looking to make a career out of data science/data analytics.

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A Quick Glance at the Recent Updates 

The reputed firm launched a recent version of Alteryx 2019.3, in October, and is likely to release the Alteryx 2019.4 as a successor to it. The latter is scheduled for a December release.

What’s in the Update?

Talking about the all-new version Alteryx 2019.3, Ashley Kramer, senior vice president of product management at Alteryx, said that the latest version promises 25 new and upgraded features, all of them focussing on the user-friendliness of the platform at large.

One of the prominent features of the new version is a significant decrease in the total number of clicks that a user will take to arrive at the option of visualizing data to make analytic decisions.

Data profiling helps the users to visualize the data while they are working with it. Here, Alteryx discovered a painless way to work with data by modeling the bottom of the screen in a format similar to that of MS Excel.

All of these changes and additions are done keeping in mind the features that the “customers had been asking for,” according to Kramer.

Now, with the December update, which will come with an enhanced mapping tool, the Alteryx analytics will strive to further lower the difficulties surrounding the platform.


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