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Aspiring Data Analysts Must Know the Answer to These Interview Questions

You have recently completed Data analyst certification and are hunting vigorously for a job as a data scientist. But the prospect of sitting for such an important job role at a corporate firm in front of a room full of C-suite interviewers is an intimidating prospect. But fear not as we at DexLab Analytics have got you covered both inside the class room as well out.


Aspiring data analysts must know the answer to these interview questions


This megatrend on Big Data analysts started first in 2013, when the leading universities of the world began to realize the gap in between the demand and supply of Big Data professionals. And soon several , Data analyst training institutes cropped up here and there and rooms transformed into classrooms with several students being keen to learn about the steps to handle Big Data  and to join the ranks of data scientists which is a highly sought after profession of these days.


Quantitative Analysis 1 – Five Number Summary

To be a successful analyst or be a part of great analytics team, there are 3 important dimensions one would aspire to be or have. They are technical, business and tools. Hence, we would begin with one of the sub dimension of the technical skills, i.e. being quantified self or developing quantitative skills.

 Quantitative Analysis 1 – Five Number Summary

As per the Informs, the definition of Analytics shall be: