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Interesting Things to Do With Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel, whenever you hear this term, you visualise calculations, graphs, tables, formulas and what not – stuffs normally used to arrange and analyse data making pie charts, and countless related gimmicks.

Gaining proficiency in this specific software appears to be a common matter of concern for aspiring professionals from whatever field, they belongs to – and not just the ones who hail from a finance, accounts or IT background.

MS Excel Online training in Delhi

But do you know that MS Excel can be used for other interesting stuffs, apart from regular work-related things, like gaming and art? I guess not.

Leaf through a set of amazing projects completed with Microsoft Excel, which will surely knock you off your feet. So, are you ready?


Learn To Use The AND Function in Excel WS

In this Excel tutorial, we at DexLab Analytics will dig a little deeper with our Excel knowledge and explain how to use the Excel AND function with proper examples, and syntax use.

Learn To Use The AND Function in Excel WS

What is the AND function?

The MS Excel AND function works to return TRUE if all the conditions are true. And it returns FALSE if any of the conditions are false. The AND function is an internal function in Excel that is categorized as a Logical Function. It can be utilised as a Work Sheet (WS) function in Excel. Moreover, as a worksheet function, the AND function may as well be included as a part of a formula in a normal excel cell of a worksheet.