Tableau BI Certification

Tableau BI Certification

Tableau BI Certification

DexLab Data Visualization Certified

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Tableau by and large is software dedicated to business intelligence. It enables anyone to make connections with data and then proceed with its visualization and in the process create dashboards that are both interactive as well as sharable. Any existing user of Excel will feel at home with Tableau while advanced users can perform even the most complex problems of analysis. You can also, in a matter of seconds share what you find securely.

The courses on Tableau as conducted DexLab Analytics leads the learner through the basic overview of the software tool, teach you how to connect whatever data you might have and integrating it before the final visualization. You also get to analyze the data and make calculations too. It also has features on controls, forecasting and statistics as well as sharing and authoring dashboards.

The average salary for a Tableau BI professional stood at $58,962 for entry level professionals with experience of less than even a single year in the US.

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