DexLab Analytics is Organizing a Market Risk Modelling Workshop

DexLab Analytics is Organizing a Market Risk Modelling WorkshopMarket Risk Modelling is here! An intensive course on Market Risk Modelling is a key to a better future.

Topics to be discussed on Market Risk Modelling:

  • Major types of risks faced by banks
  • Sources and scope of market risk
  • Theoretical Probability distributions required to assess the market risks
  • Value at Risk Modelling
  • Quantitative Models of market risk
  • Description of Key Financial Products: Derivatives, Options, Mortgage Back Securities


DexLab Analytics is conducting an online live demo session on 25th October 2017 from 10:00 PM IST onwards, a first of its kind in India.


Register now to witness something you have never seen before; an interactive session that can change your life.


Remember, the topics of discussion at the demo session and in their upcoming batch for the same are rare and not offered by many institutes. So, don’t miss this opportunity to get some free knowledge!


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