Here Are Your Reasons For Attending India Internet Day of Tie, Delhi-NCR

Around this time every year TiE of New Delhi hosts an important event which should be of interest to IT personnel around the country. The event is known as the India Internet Day, and they have been at it for the past couple of years. But as a data scientist hoping to make it big in the Big Data world with IT giants why should you expend your limited “Paid Leaves” (if you are employed) and attend this event?

Here Are Your Reasons For Attending India Internet Day of Tie, Delhi-NCR

Let DexLab Analytics explain to you why is it necessary for aspiring Data Scientists/Analysts to attend this event:


Get the necessary nudge towards your start-up success!

In India the TiE event of India Internet Day is one of the most happening events for Start-ups, held in Delhi-NCR and North Region.


Update your technological knowledge and acquire awareness:

This is the best space to gather information awareness on what is exactly happening in the start-up and technology space.


Meet the who’s who of the data analytics sector!

The event will give an opportunity to meet and rub shoulders with the established and emerging entrepreneurs, celebrated fellow data scientists and aspiring business personnel.


Try a mentoring program:

This event will give you a chance to take part in mentoring programs or you can also choose to get in touch with TiE representatives for mentoring.


Get a chance to listen to industry leaders:

At this special event all industry leaders are available under one roof and they discuss about several topics that can prove to be highly useful for data scientists and/or analysts as well as aspiring entrepreneurs. You get the chance of listening and speaking to the most inspiring people in the IT world that you look up to.


The best chance for ideas and innovation:

The best platform to explore and get knowledge and ideas for innovation in IT industry; you may be star-struck in the event with meeting several people from the start-up and IT realm and discover a treasure-trove of fresh ideas.


Here was our list of reasons why you should not miss the TiE India Internet Day event this time as an aspiring data analyst. The main focus of this times’ event would be to talk about smart phones and data usage and trends of internet access in India.


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