Human Element Remains Critical for Enhanced Digital Customer Experience

Human Element Remains Critical for Enhanced Digital Customer Experience

Digital customer engagement and service is trending the charts. Companies are found actively focusing on establishing long-lasting relationships in sync with customer expectations to hit better results and profitable outcomes. Customers are even hopeful about businesses implementing smart digital channels to solve complex service issues and finish transactions.

70 % of customers expect companies to have a self-service option in their websites and 50% expect to solve issues concerning products or services themselves – according to Zendesk.

In this regard, below we’ve charted down a few ways to humanize the customer experience, keeping the human aspect in prime focus:


Adding Human Element through Brand Stories

Each brand tells a story. But, how, or in what ways do the brands tell their story to the customers? Is it through videos or texts? Brand’s history or values need to be iterated in the right voice to the right audience. Also, the companies must send a strong message saying how well they value their customers and how they always put their customers in the first place, before anything else.

Additionally, the company’s sales team should always look forward to help their customers with after-purchase information – such as how well the customers are enjoying certain features, whether any improvement is needed and more – valuable customer feedback always help at the end of the day!

AI for Feedback

Identify prospective customers who are becoming smarter day by day. This is done via continuous feedback loops along with automated continuous education. Whenever you receive feedback from a specific customer interaction, it’s advised to feed it back to their profile. An enclosed feedback loop is quite important to gain meaningful information about customers and their purchasing pattern. This is the best way to know well your customers and determine what they want and how.

Time and again, customers are asked by brands to take part in specific surveys and rate their services, describing what their feelings are about those particular products or services. All this helps comprehend customer’s satisfaction quotient regarding services, and in a way helps you take necessary action in enhancing customer experience.

Personalized Content for Customer Satisfaction

Keeping customers interested in your content is the key. Become a better story-teller and enhance customer satisfaction. Customers like it when you tell your brand’s story in your own, innovative way. But, of course, marketers face a real challenge when writing down an entertaining story, not appearing like written by agency but themselves.

A token of advice from our side – never go too rigid; be original, and try to narrate the story in an interactive way. To craft a unique brand story, the essence lies in using little wit, humor and a dash of self-effacement to add a beat to the brand.

End Notes

As parting thoughts, we would like to say always act in real-time, and better understand what your customers what and their behavioral traits. This way it would be easier to predict their next move. What’s more, your brand should be people-based and make intelligent use of customer’s available data to develop a deeper understating about your users and their respective needs.

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