Ms Excel is All-Powerful: Some Tasks You Never Know You Could Do With Excel!

Ms Excel is All-Powerful: Some Tasks You Never Know You Could Do With Excel!

Data is everywhere and evident. With the multiplication of data and the increasing need to preserve it, we must always organise data. A properly organised data not only makes it easier to analyse data in the future, but it also makes everything clear and presentable. 

Though we had some initial difficulties of maintaining data right at the beginning, MS Excel has surely been making our tasks easier ever since it was discovered. Therefore, it is not a shock that Microsoft Excel is one of the most demanding skills in the present age we are living. However, you should always choose the Advanced excel institute in Gurgaon, if you are interested in learning MS Excel in a top-notch environment, from the experts. 

Microsoft Excel and its Advantages

Microsoft Excel has come a long way from helping us in the basic tasks of keeping things comprehensible and organised. Many of our daily chores of simple arithmetic calculations, interactive representation of data in the form of tables, charts and statistical representation of data via bar graphs, line graphs and pie charts are easier than ever with MS Excel. Besides, with the progressive age, it is remarkable how Excel is keeping up with the dizzying pace and the rising demands of the technological advancements we are experiencing a day in and day out.

Business Intelligence and location intelligence are the new trends of the hour and you can count on MS Excel to help you out with them as well. If you find us asking for too much here, then check some compelling tasks which you can perform via MS Excel.

Data Science Machine Learning Certification

You can Wield the Spreadsheet as a Map

Did you know that you can gain a deep insight into the location just through your spreadsheets? Well, perhaps you can! 

Though your spreadsheet appears to be all tables, they can eventually fetch you important information on the location. Moreover, you can also look at MS Excel as a spatial dataset bringing you spatial relationships, which is similar to a GML or an Esri Shapefile. Besides, with the introduction of innovative FME technology, you can:

  1. Convert the existing coordinates into geometrical representations of latitudes and longitudes.
  2. Geocode the available addresses on your spreadsheet to spatialize them automatically. ArcGIS Online and Google are some of the popular options òf geocoding services that you can avail.
  3. Associate your spreadsheet to an existing geometry stored somewhere else. 

Merge all into One with Ms Excel

You might gather data in a wide range of available formats but you need not be confused with MS Excel. Whether your data is in complex spreadsheets, represented by GIS and CAD drawings or etched in the form of orthophotos, you can import them all and most importantly, merge them with your current MS Excel worksheet. Moreover, FME also enables you to integrate your spreadsheet with data in variegated formats. Therefore, you just need to build a workflow initially and you can import a convincing amount of data and merge them just as you want to.

To Sum Up!

Apart from these, you can also load all your data; manage and analyse data effectively and generate lengthy reports and summaries without any hassles. Therefore, it is important to grasp all the latest skills of MS Excel to be updated with the age. Here’s where Dexlab Analytics stands by you as a compelling companion with Advanced Excel course in Gurgaon

Automation is seeping into every other discipline and the same goes for Excel as well. So, if you are interested to explore the world of automation in relation to MS Excel, then check out the upcoming workshop scheduled by Dexlab on 28th and 29th of December, 2019, promising you intensive training on Automation in Ms Excel.

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