Shadowing a Data Architect for a Day!

Shadowing a Data Architect for a Day!

A data architect is a noteworthy role in the present analytics industry. One can naturally evolve from a data analyst or a database designer to a data architect after gathering sufficient experience in the field. The prominence of this role showcases the emergence of the online websites and other internet avenues which require the integration of data from several unrelated data sources.

These data sources can be anything from:

  • External sources, like market feeds (for e.g. Bloomberg) or other News Agencies (like, Reuters)
  • Or they could be internal sources like exiting systems that collect data, for instance HR operations that gather employee data

Here is a depiction of a day in the life of a successful data architect:

Data analyst certification from a reputable analytics-training institute can help to speed up your process of evolution from being a data analyst to becoming a successful data architect!


Shadowing a Data Architect for a Day! from Infographics

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