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Tigers will be safe in the hands of Big Data Analytics

Once again, good news is in the air for our very own ‘Big Cats’. The very recent reports on Tiger Census have proudly announced the incredible rise in the number from 1,706 to 2, 226 since 2010, when the counting started.


The previous years have seen the major downfall in the number owing to reasons like poaching, environmental degradation, dwindling habitats and of course man- nature conflict . But in contrast, the combined efforts put forwarded by local communities, conservationists and the Government has resulted in the upliftment, as stated by Marco Lambertini, Director General of WWF International.


Statistics of Workforce Inequality & Life After Work

Online companies and IT firms have been frequently criticized for their lack of diversity and gender inequality in the work force. So, we researched about some facts and statistics to understand these claims as after all we are data-driven being the premiere Analytics training institute, Pune. We found a gap in several US-based internet firms which have published diversity reports since, 2014 but what they claim has been starkly different from what the truth in the numbers happened to be. Surprisingly, being a developing nation, India has fared quite well in this realm with most of IT MNCs having addressed the issue of gender inequality in their workplace.


Statistics of workforce inequality & life after work


Here are some statistical facts about workplace diversity in internet companies in the US that show lack of diversity:


With majority of people that account for the AP (Advanced Placement) test takers in total only 20 percent were female in the tests for AP computer science test takers as of the data from 2014. Various US-based online corporations have been criticized for their apparent lack of tolerance and unwelcoming nature against females and non-Caucasians.