Why the Job Market is Going Gaga over Big Data

We will start off this post with a little bit of trivia.

  • The advertised median salary on offer for technically inclined professionals with expertise in Big Data, which today is a highly sought-after skill is no less than $124,000 inclusive of compensation and bonuses.
  • Cisco, IBM and Oracle together had 26,488 positions that were open during the previous year which required expertise in Big Data.
  • EMC or Dell required 25.1% of all positions in Big Data to have analytics tracks.
  • Data Warehousing, VMWare and developing programming expertise in Python are the fastest growing skill sets that are in demand by companies that are on an expansion of their development teams in Big Data.

why the job market is going gaga over big data

These are just some of the insights that emerged out of an exercise in the hiring trends in Big Data as compiled by WANTED Analytics that happens to be a CEB Company. The company has a database the constitutes of in excess of a billion unique listings of jobs collected from over 150 countries.

Other facts that emerge from the analysis include:

  • As things stand till the 16th of November of the previous year there are 13 candidates vying for a single job opening in the Big Data industry with a hiring scale of 73. As the score in the hiring scale increases, employers find it more difficult to secure the right candidate for their opening.
  • In the US jobs for Big Data experts remain open for just 47 days.
  • The 5 top industries that hire personnel skilled in Big Data are:
  1. Scientific, Professional and Technical Services (30%)
  2. IT (19%)
  3. Manufacturing (18%)
  4. Insurance and Finance (10%)
  5. Retail Trade (8%)

Open jobs in Big Data that require expertise in VMWare reached to new heights in 2015 increasing nearly 8 times over the previous year. Other skills in addition to Big Data that are much in demand are open source technology a skill whose demand stood at over 3 times the demand in the previous year followed by expertise in data warehousing (209.13%) and expertise in programming in Python which increased by 197.19%.

EMC or Dell was the single largest hirer for open Big Data positions by hiring 51,034 big data professionals followed by CISCO which hired 12,804 professionals the last year and Oracle which hired 8308 professionals the previous year.

One thing is clear from all of the above facts and figures- the job market is going gaga over Big Data and that is a trend that is likely to persist over the years to come.

Come Ride The Wave Of Big Data

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