5 New-Age IT Skill Sets to Fetch Bigger Paychecks in 2017

Technology is the king. It is slowly intensifying its presence over workplaces, and is one of the chief reasons why companies are laying off employees. Adoption of cutting-edge technologies is believed to be the main reason of job cuts and by now if professional techies are not properly equipped with newer technologies under their sleeves, the future of human workforce seems bleaker.

5 New-Age IT Skill Sets to Fetch Bigger Paychecks in 2017

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A recent report says – India would lose about 69,000 jobs until 2021 due to the adoption of IoT, so do you really think human intelligence is losing its intellect? Will AI finally surpass brain power?


DexLab Analytics presents some of the key skill sets and areas in India, where you can earn paychecks larger than your wallet, and yes in the booming field of technology. You just have to make the right decisions. Come; let’s peep into the abundance (of choices, of expertise, of acumen and of course salaries):


Machine learning + Big Data

Data scientists armed with intensive knowledge in machine learning and big data analytic skills earns 20% more than normal data scientists. At present, this is the highest paying tech job available in the market, where professionals fetch an average salary of 13.94 Lacs PA.

Big Data

Devouring humongous amount of data for corporate or public consumption needs is no way a piece of cake. Big Data scientist jobs demand utmost precision and acumen, and are considered to be the hottest job in town. According to reports, India is expected to witness a crunch in the number of data analysts in the next couple of years – there’s going to be a shortage of about 200,000 trained data analyst.


Let’s Take Your Data Dreams to the Next Level


So, sharpen your big data skills or get certified by an ace data analytics training institute in Delhi, and draw a whopping salary of 9.93 Lacs PA.

Machine learning algorithms

Without machine learning, big data revolution yields nothing. This skill set alone helps you earn ludicrous 10.43 Lacs P.A on an average. Native US-fed companies, like Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Apple are placing their bets on machine learning and are on a lookout for required professionals who can push the boundaries of an automated world a notch higher.

Let’s Take Your Data Dreams to the Next Level

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R skills

R programming skills has been attracting the highest 7-figure salaries for years. An aspiring professional equipped with R Analytics Certification can make a roaring 10.4 Lacs P.A. This skill is also considered to be one of the most lucrative programming skills that give professionals a certain edge over their tailing competitors.   

SAS + R + Python

The industry report says the change in the temperament of the entire industry is due to the wide adoption and use of open source tools. Apart from the expert tools R and SAS, a terrific amalgam skill set of SAS, R and Python is currently stealing all the thunder. If a professional carries this fetching skill set under their arms, he can expect a lucrative reward of 12.91 Lacs P.A on an average.



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