Adopt Machine Learning and Personalize Marketing Game Big Time

Adopt Machine Learning and Personalize Marketing Game Big Time

In the last couple of years, Netflix and Spotify have altered our digital expectations. The technology that these fast-growing streaming media companies use to generate fulfilling customized experiences is a particular kind of Artificial Intelligence, known as Machine Learning.

Highly technical though it sounds, Machine Learning is the most valuable, new-age tool that all the marketers need to employ right now. To better explain the nuanced concept, we’ll start with an approach that preceded it.

Human-based Marketing: Limited Scope

Previously, rules and segmentation used to dominate marketing domains; most of the customized experiences in the past were delivered through a set of norms, created manually by a marketer based on some predetermined criteria. Though the approach worked, but its scope was very limited.

The hitch is that the humans wrote the rules, based on what they believed true and right. But, remember, each human being is unique, and so is their perception. Also, their intent varies from time to time. In short, there exists too much data for a normal human being to assess or sort without taking the help of machines, or in this case Machine Learning.

The Rise of Machine Learning

Instead of relying on human intuitions, machine learning algorithms offer an innovative way for marketers to curate incredible experiences for individuals. No longer does the computer follow any rules and commands, rather we’ve programmed it to learn everything about a particular person, so that it can conjure up the experience that appeals to him the most.

For improved machine-learning personalization, marketers should build and feed in own ‘recipes’ to the computers that tell the kind of information to consider, when formulating someone’s digital campaign.

 Sometimes, the algorithms can be pretty simple, such as showing trending topics or they can be very complex, like decision trees or collaborative filtering. It all depends on the marketers to devise a strategy that would ensure the best customized experience for the visitors, of course with Machine Learning using Python.

Decision-making Induced by Machine Learning

When you speak with a person, you know what to say next and when to stop, based on the idea of previous encounters with him/her. Now, if it’s for the first time you’re speaking with him, you behave in a way you are expected to, based on social interactions with others.

Machine learning functions in the same way. Based on recognition and remembering past situations, this type of learning creates a fluid pattern that controls next behaviors.

It uses real data to derive at decisions, just similar to a normal human being who would come to a conclusion after a conversation.

As parting thoughts, humans shouldn’t hand over everything to the machines; machine learning can be all so rosy and perfect, but it’s us who needs to define, examine and refine the algorithms to make them work and fulfill the overall objectives of one-to-one customization and superior brand experience for the clients.

Of course, machine learning has over-the-top advantages against traditional human-based approaches, but it’s us who have developed them. And that matters!

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