How Data Is Rendering Unrecognizable Change in Marketing

Business without data is like surviving without an iota of food and water. Data is indispensible. It plays a significant role in framing suave marketing campaigns, creatively, discerning the actual, productive channels to push data through them.

How Data Is Rendering Unrecognizable Change in Marketing

According to latest reports and analysis, nearly 42% of marketers have introduced more than ten solutions related to data analytics, marketing analysis or customer engagement technologies in a time span of 5 years, in which more than 9% marketers installed more than 20 solutions.


As a matter of fact, analytics tools are easily available in the market, and costs less to procure. Yet, while the analysts run behind flashy tools that churns out colorful reports and produces dancing numbers on the screen, if they fail to understand what they actually want to do with the cutting-edge analytics tool, they may as well be making paper mâché models of sports car, leaving majority of data unused, untouched.


In this context, we asked few experts from leading global brands to share some insights about how they have planned their marketing efforts and how significant data is according to them.


See what they have to say…



Dominic Williamson, Marketing Science Lead at Facebook

Now, better informed targeting and enhanced efficiency can be secured. Thanks to the wealth of data. Nevertheless, this also leads to more accountability across the board. A sense of rationalism is now in the air, and the new-age marketers are appreciating every bit of it.

Jessica Williams, Global Innovation Marketing & Analytics Leader at Visa

Data and analytics has been pulling the right chains of understanding consumer behavior and pattern, and thus has presented us the benefit of faster decision-making, while optimizing marketing endeavors. Recently, we have purchased a few state-of-the-art marketing technology platforms that help us fetch a single source of truth for all our data and get a comprehensive view of our data at one place. This aids us in chalking out the most effective and efficient marketing campaign.


Let’s Take Your Data Dreams to the Next Level

Eric Farng, Technical Lead Data Scientist at YP

As there has been a drastic shift from daily automated bidding to real-time bidding, it generated a large pool of data for data scavengers to boost their marketing strategies and ways to predict success. Frankly speaking, there exists tons of data that needs to be analyzed through algorithms as per advertiser’s discretion. Now, when this data is merged with mobile location data, it becomes powerful enough to track the effect of mobile advertising expenditure on real conversions and in-store revenue.

Chris Grabarkiewicz-Davis PhD, Director of Consumer Insights at Luxottica

Data never sleeps, and big data helps us in storing and analyzing information like never before. And when we are talking about data, how can we forget how it has substantiated the marketing values in two ways! The first way is by swearing allegiance to business mix modeling, which has helped the marketing team to grab a position in the executive table. And the second way sheds light on how analytics has changed the entire way of what executives think of marketing.


To simply put, data is driving the marketing environment at present. It is enabling the marketers to take the right calls, and interpret best consumer reactions and behaviors, based on data. Accordingly, its time companies consider the pressing need of introducing data in their marketing campaigns and invest not just in the right tools, but in the right candidates too for proper analysis data.


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