How to Take the Plunge from IT to Analytics: Explained

With data analytics flourishing the manner it is, a lot of you hailing from IT background are sincerely thinking about making the remarkable switch from IT to Analytics. The skills you possess are transferable and the data structure fascinates you. You know very well, you will make more money in analytics and your career pathway will seek you great rewards. Yet something is stopping you from going!!!


How to Take the Plunge from IT to Analytics: Explained


What it is? Why are you feeling apprehensive to make the bold move that could change your life and career forever?


The world around is fast changing, and by this we are not talking about just the scientific innovations and advancements but improved database and diverse technology upheavals. In the last couple of years, Big Data Analytics has grown substantially: now every company, right from startups to tech-trendsetters is looking for ways to incorporate this cutting edge technology in their everyday operations.




The fundamentals: Understand your skills

No two persons can possess the same skill sets, talents and weaknesses. Each one of us has a core skill set that we are great at, and it’s of crucial importance to realize your key strength before you decide to take the plunge into analytics.


The analytics industry is very niche – if you are shifting your base to analytics, make sure there will be plenty of different responsibilities to adhere to. The more niche your skills are, the better it will be for your future growth. Like, if you are good in coding – become an R, SAS or Python crackerjack; if logical reasoning runs in your blood, harness your skill in data science and so on.


If you are thinking of entering the analytics industry, you should also consider the robust speed at which data analytics field is currently evolving. Refrain from having a tunnel-vision approach to learning analytics from some mediocre data science online training institutes in Pune; contact DexLab Analytics for the larger picture.



Step into the future of analytics

Apart from analytics, machine learning, IoT and AI are also climbing the ladder of recognition, sustainability and success. Data is the new currency in here, and everything is revolving around it. Go through some comprehensive in-high demand analytics courses to navigate through the best career options in analytics and beyond. Robotics, neural networks and several other complex technologies are the future of India, so be prepared for a challenging tomorrow, based on today’s innovations.



Take Small Steps With Big Feet of Business Analytics – @Dexlabanalytics.

Arm Yourself with the Right Course

You cannot take the dive into the analytics world just by honing your strengths, you need to work on them and make yourself industry-ready. And that can only happen when you get yourself enrolled in a good business analytics course in Pune and learn data analytics in the right way.


DexLab Analytics’ Data analyst course in Pune will give you the right exposure to the ways in which analytics world works. Hence, taking up an analytics course would be the best way to switch from IT to analytics. Consider these points, take time to decide and then make the fateful decision of your career – Good Luck!


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