Python Language for Embedded Applications

Python Language for Embedded Applications

Python is the need of the hour – not only for fueling websites but also for embedded applications.

Though C and C++ are still dominant programming languages for embedded applications, new age competitors, such as Python and Javascript are fast picking up pace. Especially Python: it’s gaining accolades for driving websites and Stack Overflow’s recent research has showcased the steady increase of popularity.

In terms of machine learning, Python is nowadays used with recommended platforms, such as TensorFlow and Caffe. It’s even used for fortifying neural networks.

The reason for such spiking popularity is it’s easy to download attribute – open source Python programming language can be downloaded for diverse platforms, including Windows and Linux. Moreover, several integrated development environments (IDEs) already exists for Python; some of the popular multiplatform tools are Microsoft’s Visual Studio and Eclipse (PyDev).

On the other hand, Python is reckoned as an embedded scripting language by wide motley of technical experts and consultants. Autodesk’s 3D animation program, Maya is programmed using Python. Similarly, Blender is also run on Python.

VDC Research highlighted spiked up interest in Python in IoT devices, “The embedded engineering community is embracing the use of scripting languages,” shares Chris Rommel, EVP of IoT & Embedded Technology research at VDC. “What began primarily isolated as a tool in the QA domain has quickly expanded within the software development ranks, with Python, in particular, showing incredible growth in the past few years,” he further adds.

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Python Graphics and User Interfaces

Python is loaded with a multitude of user-interface and graphics options. Developers, newbie and seasoned take advantage of Matplotlib: it’s a 2-D plotting library that offers a MATLAB-inspired interface. An open source KIVY framework is also used extensively. It can be run on a versatile range of platforms, such as Android,Linux, iOS, Windows, OS X, and the Raspberry Pi.

Qt is another very effective user-interface framework that’s high on popularity drive for over 25 years. Javascript, C++ and Python, all of them have relied on Qt for good. It specializes in handling graphics and different other multimedia formats as well as cameras and radios.

The Rise of Pythons for Embedded Systems

Python opens a world of opportunity, including providing support to numerous programming platforms and readable and manageable code. It eradicates the need to use brackets common to languages, such as C++, C and Java. Along with that, it enables an independent, interactive test-driven development approach.

All this sounds too alluring, isn’t it?

But wait, like all programming languages, Python too is bogged down by a few technical glitches. Running the application can sometimes become a bit tricky. Also, at times, Python may not be the perfect language for all embedded applications. Nevertheless, we cannot ignore the perks it ensures us: the benefits we derive from its dynamic nature, simplistic functions, flexibility and widespread support is incredible.

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