The More, The Better: Why Focus on More Than One Coding Language for Better Developer Jobs?

The More, The Better: Why Focus on More Than One Coding Language for Better Developer Jobs?

Attention all you developers: Be versatile, be ahead of the curve.

Excelling over just one programming language won’t do any good, and will restrict your career pathway. On closer inspection, you’d find that the top 25 Forbes listed companies never rely on a single coding language for their products and services – instead they prefer on applying at least 4 different languages to always be on edge.

Technology is emerging out at an exploding pace, where every year a new coding language is being introduced to keep up with the rapid innovation trend. Trust me, there exists more than 500 programming languages at this moment, and the numbers are increasing steadfastly. Companies like Shutterstock that once were devoted to a single language (Perl) are now focusing on being Multi-Lingual backed by an expert team of developers that grasps the intricacies of cutting edge programs in PHP, Python, Node.js, Java, Ruby and Objective-C. Learning multiple languages is not a privilege anymore, but a widely prevalent norm.


Software development is constantly on an upgrade-mode. Each day, it shifts its focus on something else, something more advanced, more productive. Each year, many languages live and die, and developers have to constantly keep pace with all the changes around, coupled with re-sharpening their own skills to imbibe newer and more advanced ones that help them remain relevant in their respective job field.

In a press release, Speros Misirlakis, Coding Dojo’s head of curriculum said “Much like any tool or application, companies use different coding languages for different requirements; there’s not a one-size-fits-all option,”. He further added, “While specific jobs might focus on a particular language, this research shows that a single language could be a long term dead-end. Aspiring and existing developers must learn coding’s common building blocks and ultimately become fluent in multiple languages to have the adaptability and flexibility for a successful career.”

After an extensive research, Coding Dojo sniffed out that JavaScript was the most popular coding language among the top 25 Forbes 500 companies, followed by Java, Python, Ruby and Perl. A majority of Android apps is developed on Java; as a result 30% of companies rely on it, making it the most in-demand tech skill to learn for employees and aspiring data professionals.

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Here is the listopedia of top 25 Fortune 500 companies that are looking for these coding skills in their job posting ads (three did not have software developer listings at the time):

  1. Walmart

Java, Python, JavaScript, Perl

  1. Berkshire Hathaway


  1. Apple

JavaScript, Python, Java, Perl, Ruby, PHP

  1. Exxon Mobil

 C/C++, C#, R, MATLAB

  1. McKesson

Java, JavaScript

  1. UnitedHealth Group

JavaScript, Java, Python

  1. CVS Health

Java, JavaScript, Swift

  1. General Motors

No traditional developer jobs

  1. AT&T

Java, Perl, Python, JavaScript

  1. Ford Motor

C++, C#, JavaScript, Objective-C, Python, Ruby

  1. AmerisourceBergen

C#, JavaScript


Java, JavaScript, C++, Ruby, Swift

  1. General Electric

JavaScript, Java, Python

  1. Verizon Communications

Java, Python, JavaScript, Swift, PHP

  1. Cardinal Health

Python, Java, JavaScript, Perl

  1. Costco

Python, Java, JavaScript, C

  1. Walgreens Boots Alliance

Java, JavaScript

  1. Kroger

No traditional developer jobs

  1. Chevron

Python, JavaScript

  1. Fannie Mae

Java, Python, Perl, Ruby

  1. J.P. Morgan Chase

Java, JavaScript, Python, Perl, Swift, Ruby

  1. Express Scripts Holding

JavaScript, Java

  1. Home Depot

JavaScript, Python, Java, C#, PHP, Ruby

  1. Boeing

Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Perl, Python

  1. Wells Fargo

Java, Python, JavaScript, C#

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