Top 4 Python Industrial Use-Cases: Explained

Top 4 Python Industrial Use-Cases: Explained

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Python is one of the fastest-growing and most popular coding languages in the world; a large number of developers use it on daily basis and why not, it works brilliantly for a plethora of developer job roles and data science positions – starting from scripting solution for sysadmins to supporting machine learning algorithms to fueling web development, Python can work wonders across myriad platforms!

Below, we’ve rounded up 4 amazing Python industrial use-cases; scroll ahead:


Widely used in generating business insights; courtesy machine learning.

Case Study:

Smaller firms driven by machine learning gave stiff competition to a US multinational finance and insurance corporation. In return, the insurer formed teams and devised a new set of services and applications based on ML algorithms to enjoy a competitive edge. However, the challenge was that with so many data science tools, numerous versions of Python came into the picture and gave rise to compatibility issues. As a result, the company finalized only one version of Python, which was then used in line with machine learning algorithms and tools to derive specific results.

Data Science Machine Learning Certification


Data mining helps determine cross-sell opportunities.

Case Study:

Another US MNC dealing in financial services showed interest in mining complex customer behavioral data. Using Python, the company launched a series of ML and data science initiatives to dig into its structured data that it has been gathering for years and correlated it with an army of unstructured data, gathered from social media and web to enhance cross-selling and retrieve resources.


Python helps in meeting system deadlines and ensured utmost confidentiality.

Case Study:

Recently, the International Space Station struck a deal with an American MNC dealing in military, defense and aerospace technology; the latter has been asked to provide a series of systems to the ISS. The critical safety systems were mostly written in languages, like Ada; they didn’t fare well in terms of scripting tasks, data science analysis or GUI creation. That’s why Python was chosen; it offered bigger contract value and minimum exposure.

Retail Banking

Enjoy flexible data manipulation and transformation – all with Python!

Case Study:

A top-notch US department store chain equipped with an in-store banking division gathered data and stored it in a warehouse. The main aim of the company was to share the information with multiple platforms to fulfill its supply chain, analytics, retail banking and reporting needs. Though the company chose Python for on-point data manipulation, each division came up with their own versions of Python, resulting in a new array of issues. In the end, the company decided to keep a standard Python; this initiative not only resulted in amplifying engineering speed but also reduced support costs.

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