14th June 2019: Friday Quick Recap

14th June 2019: Friday Quick Recap

Let’s welcome this weekend with another interesting roundup session!  This week we have been focused on making all our readers more aware of some excellent tools in the world of data science – customer analytics and Python. We also share information on two very exciting and learning workshops carried out by DexLab’s seasoned corporate trainers in prestigious educational institutes across Delhi.

Customer Analytics: A Basic Introduction

Organizations that employ customer analytics are likely to perform better than their competitors in terms of sales, profits and customer retention. Because of customer analytics, retailers can target profitable customers efficiently.

In this introductory blog, we go through the basics of customer analytics, an extremely valuable tool in the intensely competitive market. Read more.

DexLab Analytics Organizes a Faculty Training Program for IMT, Ghaziabad

DexLab Analytics is holding a month-long faculty training program for the prestigious management school, Institute of Management Technology Gaziabad, where their senior consultants discuss important topics of data science and deep learning with Python. This workshop aims to help Indian students develop data science skills, which are essential for being industry-ready. Know more.

Dexlab Analytics Takes Parts in Faculty Development Program, DTU

In this week-long faculty development program conducted by Delhi Technological University’s Department of Information Technology, seasoned corporate trainers from DexLab Analytics have been invited to share their knowledge and insights with the participants. Through interactive discussions, the participants will be introduced to recent advancements in the fields of Machine Learning, AI, Pattern Recognition, etc. Read more.

Is it worth learning Python? Why or why not?

Python syntax is one of the easiest and reads like English. Hence the language is simple to learn even for programming beginners. Most of the web development companies and tech giants rely on this language for developing sophisticated websites and software programs. In short, it is a user-friendly and useful language with state-of-the-art library. Know more.


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