28th February 2020: Friday Quick Recap

28th February 2020: Friday Quick Recap

We know this is Friday and you cannot wait to grab all that you have missed along the week. Therefore, if you have already started to expect to go through a highlight of this week’s event, then here we are.

We embarked on the week with Markquest’20, an event organised by the Department of Business Economics of the prestigious University of Delhi, where Mr Vivek Debuka, CMO of Dexlab Analytics became the Chief Guest. The event was held at the S.P Jain Auditorium of the South Campus of Delhi University on February 22, 2020, and was a grand success.

Next, we focused on Deep Learning and Computer Vision and published a sequel to our earlier blog titled Computer Vision and Image Classification – A StudyThe latest blog delves deep into Image Localization, Object Detention and Image Segmentation.

Then, we pondered on the all-important MS Excel and presented the benefits of the valued software in the form of an interactive video.

Lastly, we considered Artificial Intelligence and its importance in Agriculture. In this article, we looked at the applications that the AI is using to bring about a revolution in the field of Agriculture.

So, jump into the activities from the house of Dexlab Analytics presented exceptionally through your very own Friday Quick Recap.

Mr Debuka Is Chief Guest At University Of Delhi’s Markquest 2020

Marquest 2020 was held at the S.P Jain Auditorium, University of Delhi, South Campus, put together by the Department of Business Economics. The event was themed on “Tradigital Marketing – Traditional Marketing in Digital Era”, where Mr Vivek Debuka, CMO of Dexlab Analytics, arrived as the Chief Guest. A variety of topics were aimed at during the event by the scholars, research students and industry professionals. Mr Debuka centred his speech on Guerrilla Marketing. The event was a roaring success no doubt.

Deep Learning And Computer Vision – A Study – Part II

This blog is an advanced blog revolving around Deep Learning and Computer Vision, where we have focused on the cutting edge techniques of image Localization, Object Detention and Image Segmentation. Moreover, we have also elucidated the Deep Learning Architecture required for the said applications.

The Benefits Of Using Excel | Dexlab Analytics

MS Excel is one of the oldest software developed by the American multinational company, Microsoft Corporation, and still stands as one of the most revered tools, with applications far and wide. Here in this video, we have aimed to present a bunch of the benefits offered by the software. 

Applications Of Artificial Intelligence: Agriculture

Though you might think that agriculture is still an underdeveloped industry, with the emergence of Artificial Intelligence it is never the same.

Ai powered robots, Computer Vision and the progressive technology of seasonal forecasting have already boosted us to a large extent, thus, being miles ahead of what we were a decade ago. 


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