30th August 2019: Friday Quick Recap


If you feel that you are missing out of something, then we won’t let it be. So we are here with our very own Friday Quick Recap, like we do at the end of the week, to bring all of our news and updates throughout the week!

We’ve started the week with a guide to calculate the Mode using R and Python. Next, we have discussed what we shall not do if we prepare to hit a Data Science interview.

We’ve also posted an article on Artificial Intelligence, for the admirers of the latest technology and the students and professionals of Data Science. Furthermore, you can enjoy our video to have all the information of Customized Training Workshops from your very own Dexlab Analytics.

Lastly, we have glanced through the languages that you should be extremely fluent with while on your path to be a Data Scientist or if you wish to take up Data Science as your profession.

Application of Mode Using R and Python

You must be awaiting a complete article on Mode and how you can calculate it via R and Python. Don’t worry because we are right here with it!

What Not to Do for a Data Science Interview

Perhaps you are thinking to apply for an interview for jobs related to Data Science. You must be aware of certain things that might get you rejected straightaway. Go through this simple guide to know them all!

A Discussion About Artificial Intelligence: Knowing AI Closely

Artificial Intelligence is marching with its giant steps. If you are still not informed about it, then it’s high time now to interact with them.

DexLab Analytics Offers Customized Training Workshops

If you want to learn about the tailored workshops for all-inclusive trainings conducted by Dexlab Analytics, then dive into this video now!

Which Programming Language Should Data Scientists Learn First?

Read Eshika Roy's answer to Which programming language should data scientists learn first? on Quora

Here we answer a pertinent question if you have always wondered which languages should benefit you while walking onwards with your passion, Data Science.


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