31st January 2020: Friday Quick Recap

31st January 2020: Friday Quick Recap

Were you thinking about missing on all of the updates from Dexlab Analytics all this morning? Then we are here to brighten you up with our new Friday Quick Recap. Yes, you read it right! Continue with this blog to grab all of the events and updates that you might be eager to know form the house of Dexlab Analytics.

If we break it down, we started our week with a brief discussion on the new, mind-bending technology AIOps, which is a new algorithm of Deep Learning. Then it was Netflix we talked about, and its release of a fresh python framework called Metaflow. Next, we discussed AI and its numerous benefits leading to make the world free of cybercrimes. Right after that, we checked the new initiative of the Indian government titled “Startup India” on this Republic Day, 2020, which will be exhibited in the form of a tableau. Lastly, we mentioned 4 of the highest paying jobs in 2020 through an interactive video.

Artificial Intelligence And IT Operations: A New Algorithm

Artificial Intelligence is a formidable force in the world of computer science and Information Technology. However, with the launch of the latest technology of AIOps, analysis, Natural Learning processing facilities, detection of anomalies, and a host of other IT functions will reap a bundle of benefits.

Netflix Develops In Own Data Science Management Tool And Open Sources It

It was in the month of December 2019, that Netflix came up with its own Python framework, Metaflow. Through this tool, Netflix aims to data science projects and workflows. What’s more interesting is that the giant media provider and production company has also outsourced it.

Ai – A Great Opportunity For Cyber Security Solutions

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two main forces that the world is counting on to usher a future, free from cybercrimes and other security issues.

Republic Day – The Startup India Tableau

The Indian government through the commerce and industry ministry made an exhibition of its initiative Startup India by dedicating an entire tableau. The Startup India strives to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship throughout the nation.

Top 4 Highest Paying Jobs In 2020 | Dexlab Analytics

We concluded the week by finding out 4 of the top-grossing jobs in the present market. Through our interactive video, you would be getting all the information on the job designations, average salaries, skills needed and the top recruiters.


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