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According to the experts at Wikipedia Machine Learning happens to be computer science sub-field that has its origins in the detailed examination of recognition of patterns as well as the “computational learning theory” as put into practice in the world of A.I. or artificial intelligence.The subject investigates the study as well as the construction of algorithms which have the ability to pick up skills from and make predictions on the basis of the data that is available.

In this blog post we list some of the key texts that help out students and researchers in this particular field of study.

The Math Behind Machine Learning: How it Works – @Dexlabanalytics.

1. Machine Learning, Neural and Statistical Classification

Edited By: D.J. Spiegelhalter, D. Michie and C.C. Taylor

This book has for its base the ESPRIT or EC project Statlog which compared and made evaluations about a broad range of techniques on classification while at the same time assessing their merits and demerits in addition to applications across the range. The volume listed here is the integrated one which conducts a brief examination of a particular method along with their commercial application to real world scenarios. It encourages cross-disciplinarystudy of the fields of machine learning, neural networks as well as statistics.

Uber: Pioneering Machine Learning into Everything it Does – @Dexlabanalytics.

2. Bayesian Reasoning and Machine Learning

Written By: David Barber

The methods of machine learning have the ability to mine out the values out of data sets that are nothing short of being vast without taxing the computational abilities of the computer. They have established themselves as essential tools in industrial applications of a wide range like analysis of stock markets, search engines as well as sequencing of DNA and locomotion of robots. The field is a promising one and this book helps the students of computer science grasp the tough subject even if their mathematical backgrounds are decent at best.

Pandora: Blending Music with Machine Learning – @Dexlabanalytics.

3. Gaussian Processes for Machine Learning

Authors: Christopher Williams and Carl Rasmussen

Gaussian Processes or more known simply as GPs serve as a practical, principled and probabilistic approach to the learning as conducted in kernel machines. The Machine Learning community has been providing increased attention towards GPs throughout the better part of the last decade and the book serves the important function of sufficing as a unified and systematic treatment of the role of practical as well as theoretical aspect of GPs as present in machine learning. There was a long felt need for such a book and it does not disappoint with its self-contained and comprehensive treatment. This book is highly useful for students as well as researchers in the fields of applied statistics and machine learning.

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