3 Recent Applications of AI will leave you Spellbound

3 Recent Applications of AI will leave you Spellbound

AI technology has the potential to enhance societies in a number of ways. Here, we discuss some of latest developments in AI-based research.

AI can smell illness in your breath

According to a recent declaration made by Nvidia, AI can detect illness, including cancer, by analyzing the human breath. Researchers from Edinburgh Cancer Center in UK, Loughborough University, the University of Edinburgh and Western General Hospital have developed an AI program using deep learning methods that is  able to analyze compounds in human breath and predict illness. The motivation? Humans have a less developed sense of smell compared to other animals. Hence, a lot of information hidden in the air around us go unnoticed and can be perceived with a highly receptive olfactory system.

Source: news.developer.nvidia.com

The team of researchers said that this is the first machine learning model that can successfully detect compounds and ion patterns from raw GC-MS (Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry) data. TensorFlow deep learning frameworks, cuDNN-accelerated Keras and Nvidia Tesla GPUs were used to develop neural networks for the program. The data utilized for expanding the neural networks was contributed by volunteers who had different forms of cancer and were undergoing radiotherapy. Artificial intelligence makes the process less expensive, and definitely more reliable and faster than humans analyzing a breath sample.


AI is marking exam papers

A new concept is coming together in China’s education system. Experiments suggest that machine intelligence can contest a teacher’s marking capability and at times even surpass it! AI has long assisted humans in marking multiple choice exams and performed wonderfully in that. Chinese researchers have taken the examining powers of AI-driven machines a step forward and developed AI that can mark essays.

First, the system perceives general logic from the context and then links it to the meaning of words. It works like a human mind that first understands the theme of the story from the headline and then reads through the rest of the writing. The machine learning algorithm assesses the quality of the essay with human-like judgment. It grades the paper and provides remarks on areas where there’s scope of improvement. These remarks include the need to improve sentence structure and writing approach among others.

Source: Cambridge assessment

A case study conducted with 120 million students from 60,000 schools shows that both the algorithm and human teachers have the same average performance rating, which is 92%. However, the model is designed to automatically improve as it handles more tasks and is likely to outperform the teachers in future.

Secret Archives of Vatican being decoded with AI

Within the walls of the Vatican lies the most impressive collection of historical facts in the world. The Vatican Secret Archives contains records that date back to more than 12 centuries. Despite gazillions of pages stored in Vatican, only a selected few are available to researchers and scholars online.

Source: Serial Box

A new project named In Condice Ratio is combining optical-character-recognition (OCR) with artificial intelligence to help scan through all the information and upload it to online database. Traditional OCR method isn’t effective on handwritten documents. But the new OCR enhanced with AI, known as jigsaw segmentation, can recognize different pen strokes and turn the raw information into searchable data.

Source: In Condice Ratio

What the future holds

It seems like in the near future humans beings will need to use and depend on the judgment of AI applications on the daily. So, why not master the necessary skills needed to understand the workings of AI applications? Enroll for machine learning courses in Gurgaon and follow DexLab Analytics for the latest AI-tech blogs. We provide top-notch machine learning training in Delhi.


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