5 Analytics Tools To Improve Your Business Decisions

5 Analytics Tools To Improve Your Business Decisions

Big Data has proved to be inevitable for business organisations in the quest for stepping ahead of their competitors. Nevertheless, only having Big Data at hand does not solve problems. You also need the availability of efficient analytics software that can put your data to the best use.

A business analytics tool is responsible for analysing massive amounts of data in order to extract valuable information. Such information in turn, can be used for improving operational efficiency and for taking better decisions.


So, let us here go through the top 10 data analytics tools available in the market.

  • Yellowfin BI

Yellowfin Business Intelligence (BI) is a reporting, dashboard and data analysis software. The software is able to conduct analysis of huge amounts of database, in order to figure out appropriate information. With Yellowfin, your dashboard can be easily accessible from everywhere including company intranet, mobile device or web page.

  • Business Intelligence & Reporting Tools (BIRT)

BIRT is open source software programmed for JAVA and JAVA EE platforms. It consists of a runtime component and a visual report designer, which can be used for creating reports, visual data, and charts and so on. Information gathered from this software can be used for tracking historical data and analysing it and as well as for monitoring ongoing developments in various fields. BIRT can also be used for real-time decision-making purposes.

  • Clear Analytics

Clear Analytics is quite easy to manage as the software is based on Excel spreadsheets. While the software allows you to continue managing data using Excel, it also adds some extra features like reports scheduling, administrative capabilities, version control, governance etc. for better decision making. In short, Clear Analytics can be your choice in case you want high-end performance in exchange of minimal effort.

  • Tableau

Tableau is BI software that provides insight into the data that a business organisation requires for connecting the dots, in order to make clear and effective decisions. Data visualisation in Tableau is much dynamic and elaborative as compared to the other programmes available. Besides, it also provides easier access to data given its extended mobile device support. Additionally, the costs of implementing this program as well as its upgrade are relatively low.

  • GoodData

GoodData is a service BI platform. It takes into account both internal and external datasets (cloud) of an organisation to analyse and provide better governance. The platform is programmed for managing data security and governance thereby, consequently providing the user with the desired results. The most important feature of this platform is that it can analyse datasets of any size, thus making it effective for its users. Recently, the company rebranded their software as an Open Analytics platform.

These are some of the major analytics tools used by organisations irrespective of their scale in order to enhance their business intelligence. Whether you are looking to enhance your career or take better business decisions, a Data analyst certification course can help you to achieve such objectives. Data Analysis helps you to track the competitive landscape and figure out the essentials that needs to be done, in order to get ahead of your competitors. If you are a manager, you can take precise decisions based on quantitative data. Since big data is potential of driving your success, it is your job to master the science and use it for your advantage.


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