Are You Trying to Ace Your Tableau Interview?

Are You Trying to Ace Your Tableau Interview?


If you are looking to be hired as Tableau expert then you must be acquainted with these common interview questions and answers. These questions have been collected by the experts at DexLab Analytics who offer Tableau BI Certification training at the institute. These questions are to give you an idea of the types of questions you may be asked at an interview. Happy job hunting!


What do you understand by Data Visualization?

Data visualization is a much advanced, precise and ordered way of viewing large volumes of data. It is the way one visually represents data into graphs, charts and other illustrative aids, especially when you cannot define them textually. Through the various software applications like Tableau one can show various trends, patterns, correlations etc.


What are the main differences between a Tableau desktop and a Tableau server?

In Tableau desktop one can create workbooks for data visualizations but Tableau Servers are used to distribute the interactive workbooks or/and reports to the target audience. Users of Tableau servers can also edit and update workbooks and dashboards online on the Server but they cannot create new workbooks.


But there are limited options for editing in server as compared to desktop.



Differentiate between filters and parameters in Tableau.

The differences in these two features actually lie in their applications. With parameters one can allow users to insert their values, which can be integers, dates, floats, string these can be used for calculation purposes. But in filters one can only receive values which the user chooses to ‘filter by’ in the list, this cannot be used to perform calculations.


In them users can change the measures and dimensions in case of parameters but for filters this feature is not approved.


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Why should you choose to learn Tableau? This infograph may help you decide better:

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