Big Data Salary Report 2017: A Gateway to a Great Career in Analytics

Big Data Salary Report 2017

In the US, big data engineer salaries are predicted to range between $135000 and 196000 in 2017, an increase of 5.8% from 2016 salary structure.


In India, big data professionals are predicted to earn salaries in the range of 9.8L INR to 13.10L INR, increasing 6.4% over 2016 salary level.


It’s not about the handsome pay, a career in data analytics is a window of never-ending opportunities. Job profiles, such as Big Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Data Analyst and Statistician are the crème de la crème for being hunted down by Digital Natives, like Amazon, Baidu, Google and Facebook.



Next to the US, India is the largest playground for big data, data analytics and data science. Amidst such exceeding demand for data science, professionals need to make critical career decisions that will shape up their future for good.


DexLab Analytics is here with a conclusive report on big data professionals’ salary structure 2017, believing this report will reveal a lot of interesting trends going around in the Analytics industry in India and help engineers select a wise career option.




Check out the following infographic about the possible career progression path for Big Data Analytics professionals:


Big Data Salary Report 2017: Earn More than 10Lacs Annually



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