Power BI is The New Revolutionary Tool For Business! This is Why

Power BI is The New Revolutionary Tool For Business! This is Why

Microsoft launched its Power BI tool quite some time ago now, and the way things seem to advance is pretty amazing to say the least. This is a great Business Intelligence and analytics tool and it seems it is only a matter of time before the Power BI becomes the tool of choice for Business Intelligence and analytical works in almost all of the foresighted corporations.

This is a powerful BI tool now available in the hands of enterprises, who are looking to extract data from multiple disparate sources in order to derive meaningful insights from it. The tool offers unprecedented interactive visualization opportunities along with true self-servicing analytical capacities.

With all of these it helps the whole look of the same data to appear from varying angles and also allows the reports and dashboards to be made by anybody within the organization without assistance from IT administrators and developers.

The international analytics and BI market is to reach the mark of  USD 16.9 Billion in 2016 says Gartner!

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Power BI is leading the way in cloud business analytics and intelligence. It offers the services, which can directly be harnessed from the cloud, and it is a huge advantage when it comes to how BI can be utilized. The desktop version of power BI is also available and is known as the Power BI desktop.

The entire range of ordinary tasks can be performed with this Power BI like – data discovery, data preparation, designing of the interactive dashboards. Microsoft also went a step ahead by putting up the embedded version of Power BI in its highly revered Azure cloud platform.

The company already has a pretty good presence in the analytics environment with its popular products like SSAS – SQL Server Analysis Service. However, it did not have any strong presence in the BI delivery system and OLAP segment i.e. Online Analytical Processing.

Excel for a long time has been Microsoft’s attempt at being a presentation layer for its data analysis tools. However, Excel has a lot of disadvantages like limited memory, integrity issues with data which are the main reasons why it is often not very appealing to the corporate clients who want something more malleable for business analytics.

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However, a really powerful BI tool is what takes Excel to a great new level; it helps to offer a whole new experience to working with tools like Power Query for data extraction and its transformation. The Power Pivot tool which, is deployed for data analysis and modelling and lastly, the Power View which, is used to map the data and visualize it distinctly in unprecedented ways. With Power Bi one can put all of these tools into a consolidated manner and will make it easier to work without having to depend on to MS Office solely.

In closing thoughts, thus, it is safe to say that Power Bi is putting the right use of power in the right hands of the customers. so, a power BI training can be a good decision for one’s career at this point, for those who consider themselves as a forward-thinking IT professional.  



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