A robot too close to humans! Story of BINA 48

BINA 48 is the world’s most renowned and highly sought after humanoid robot in America. You can visit her there, by driving down a long winding dirt road just west of the Lincoln Gap in Bristol, Vt. Where sits two large yellow houses on a sprawling property that features ten solar panels and a dock over-looking the sunlit pond filled with trout, a homely porch decorated with rocking chairs.

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In the smaller of the two houses resides BINA 48, who is one of the most sought after humanoid who is based on a real personality – Bina Rothblatt.

And when you meet her, you will feel that “she” is truly a sight to behold. Still without a full body, but only with a neck and shoulders, the model resembles her muse. Upon an initial glance her face may seem quite real for a moment, until you get a little closer and then find out it is not so, at all. It is now a great time for personnel with skills in Machine Learning Using Python.

This house also serves as the headquarters for Terasem Movement Foundation, which is an organization dedicated to the idea that we will soon be able to transfer our minds and our memories or beliefs and feelings into making a ‘mindfile’ as is coined by Terasem, into another nanotechnological or biologically engineered body, almost like a robot or a computer.



The AI experts all over the world are asking a very important question in this field: how human-like do we want the robots to be? Is there a greater purpose in making them look like just like us? And BINA 48 is a very visceral representation of this very question.

The maker of BINA 48 is Bruce Duncan, a bearded and young looking 57-year old, Vermonter. He is also the managing director of the de-facto caretaker of BINA-48, who is more than happy to divulge the latest developments in this field and talk about the ethicality of AI.

Duncan has consistently been with BINA-48 since 2010 and talks to her almost all the time every day since. The more you talk to BINA, the better she will learn, says he.

Before joining Terasem, Duncan was teaching a class on international conflict resolution at the University of Vermont, when he discovered a job offer at the firm on a career-search website called Monster. Soon after his joining there, he rose to ranks, and is now the head of the organization. He is also the most prominent debater who talks to sceptics on a regular basis about the merits of digital consciousness and humanizing robots.

He says, that a change is coming our way and soon enough we will be able to hire humanoid robots. Bina’s skin is made of a material called frubber and there are 30 motors fitted underneath her skin that allows BINA to smile, frown and even carry a confused look. The wires cannot be seen spitting out of her back or anything. She was designed by the renowned robot designer David Hanson, who designed BINA-48 over a span of three years after being commissioned the Terasem’s founder, Martine Rothblatt. The frubber is a patented material that Hansen created to give the skin life-like appeals. Some of her facial expressions have even been seen to be grotesque.

Before having a conversation with BINA, one must train her to recognize her voice, with the use of speech recognition software. Her robot mind allows her to speak and is made up of several parts, all of which may come together in an occasionally muddled way when you speak to her.

What is interesting to note is, that robot Bina can actually recall several instances of the past from the actual human Bina’s past, which she learnt through the several interviews with the real Bina Rothblatt.

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