Top 10 Nifty Tools to Manage Big Marketing Data for Companies

Big Data is the latest buzz. It has to be effectively analyzed to formulate brilliant marketing and sales strategies. It’s of immense importance, as it includes humongous amount of information accumulated about customers from numerous sources like email marketing schemes and web analytics.

Top 10 Nifty Tools to Manage Big Marketing Data for Companies

However, due to the vast magnitude of information available, it may get quite difficult for marketers to analyze and evaluate all the data in an efficient way. Fortunately, plenty of tools are available in the market that can manage mammoth marketing data and here are few of them:

In the year 2014, more than 50% of business professionals reported that they faced pressure from upper management to become more data-efficient, especially the marketing teams. assemblages marketing information from 50+API integrations at one place, without seeking help from developers.


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33% of elite marketers reveal that possessing the right technologies for data collection and analysis actually helps in understanding customers, and the designers at Mixpanel agrees to that too. The tool developed by Mixpanel engineers track total user behavior, which eventually allows organizations observe what their potential customers are checking on their websites.


Skytree is another tool that helps users with significant analytics on fraud detection, customer segmentation, prediction result and more. Further, it consents and analyzes data streams for a whole lot of things, which would eventually be very helpful for those 39% of marketers who says their data is accumulated “too infrequently or not real-time enough.”


The prediction says – a shortage of 150000 big data job professionals is to be expected by 2018, which means the big data experts will become expensive to hire, hence gear up yourself to shake hands with Big Data yourself. Karmasphere lets users coordinate their big data analytics on Hadoop, while making complicated software easy to use for laymen.


Do you know the volume of global business data doubles every 1.2 years, urging organizations to continuously administer higher amounts of data to stay on top of the race? Jaspersoft encompasses a wide array of services from online analytical processing to data visualization and integration, while easing off the dealing ordeal of huge piles of information.


Talend’s Master Data Management provides a superb tool for incorporating real-time data and applications, along with ensuring all the data is of high-quality. Poor data quality takes its toll on US businesses, costing $600 billion a year – hence take few preventative measures like implementing Talend’s data-cleaning services to protect you from undergoing a lot of trouble.

Apache Hadoop

Storage is crucial, in a world where 2.7 zettabytes of data exists – you need some place to store all the information. This is where Hadoop comes into the picture – it is a powerful storage tool to hold massive amounts of information, hits off its processing power and manages quite a number of concurrent jobs. Moreover, Hadoop is an open-source software framework, meaning you can scale your data up and down without facing any hardware failures.

Marketing Evolution

Marketing Evolution lets marketers create ROI plans using Big Data – 29% of respondents state that their marketing departments have “too little or no customer/consumer data,” all this fuel the need for an efficient tool of help. This notable tool assists users in figuring out the right meaningful data to analyze, while helping them by feeding significant customer information.


 OpenRefine is a dependable open source tool for data set exploration, even though the data quality is poor. Cheap data costs businesses 20-35% of their operating revenue, this gets really important for companies who want to keep a keen eye on their operations.

Kapost’s Content Scoring

Last but not least, Kapost’s content scoring tool helps users calculate how much revenue each piece of content makes. A mere 16.6% of marketers implement marketing analytics to communicate with multi-channel marketing, meaning this tool can actually help your business ace up the ladder of competition.


In our digitized world, Big Data is on the top of its game in developing suave marketing strategies. Leverage these nifty tools to boost up ongoing campaigns.


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