Big Data Strikes The Healthcare Industry With Carolinas Healthcare

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A representative from the administrative section of Carolinas Healthcare recently revealed that they are huge fans of Big Data and are extensively harnessing this convenient technology to leverage the quality of facilities they offer their patients.


Carolinas healthcare is a Charlotte – based firm which is extensively using this new form of data analysis technology at their very own data warehouse to evenly distribute its population of medical treatment seekers. This is helping them make the right choice in finding the most unique cases for their patient base. They are now able to take into consideration various segments that were ignored initially due to the systemic lack in the infrastructure of data management. Now they are counting segments like,environmental and geographical conditions in relation to diseases and are dividing them into segments for better efficiency in determining trends and patterns.

They hope to draw useful conclusions from such studies and to be able to make predictions so that they can minimize readmissions, inappropriate use of emergency aids and take care of the hospitalization procedures.Dr. Michael Dulin M.D. spoke on their latest venture by saying, “It is our firm belief at CHS that to deliver the best hospitalization and healthcare facilities to our patients, we need to make appropriate use of the huge amounts of data that is generated in the healthcare industry”. He is the chief clinical officer at the firm, Dickson Advanced Analytics Group which goes by the name DA2. The unit which was launched back in 2012 and is in its budding years currently. But already comprises of 130 experts who are all working together to make better use healthcare data which is a mountainous amount to begin with. It is of no doubt that Big Data is being of good use to the healthcare industry and there are glorious future prospects for experts concerned with this field, globally.

Dr. Michael further added, that “Taking into considerations the data on genomics, environmental poisons, lab results, demographics, physician’s notes and other data generated based on patients will provide them with the much needed insight required to tighten and personalize the world of health care.

Deep Learning and AI using Python

Current statistics suggest that the data generated in the healthcare world every two years is almost doubling every two years. This is the same for CHS. Thus, it is evident that CHS and other healthcare organizations will require using advanced data mining tools and use statistical methods to cope and thrive in the market.


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