Why Your Business Needs a Chief Productivity Officer: 5 Reasons Explained

For smooth use of technology, businesses look forward to CIOs. But that’s so passé now. This position is now losing its relevance more and more, as other notable features like migration of business applications and storage on the cloud are enhancing their capabilities.

Why Your Business Needs a Chief Productivity Officer: 5 Reasons Explained

As such, a new business position: Chief Productivity Officer (CPO) is sprouting out – this job profile dictates all the services, while ensuring your organization meets every goal.


Since CPO profile is like a new blood, and you might feel unsure about the whole thing. Here, we give you 5 reasons why you should appoint a CPO for your company.


IT and CIO skills have been upgraded

During 1980’s, CIOs mainly focused on technical projects of a company, like financial operations or automating accounts. As technology advanced, CIOs became more responsible for helping businesses evolve from a conventional ‘analog’ entity to a powerful digitized version.


Today, businesses are on the cloud. The roles of CIOs and IT managers have gone beyond the traditional scopes of management. They need to possess superb data management skills, legal and compliance expertise and proficient financial skills and stay ahead of the curve of technology.


Need to streamline multiple departments

No longer do you need silos, instead everything has moved to the cloud, thus involving multiple departments. Today, your marketing and sales teams should work together to keep a customer hooked in to your products through the sales funnel. This is the only way to ensure a smooth flow of information from your marketing department to sales department to close a particular sale.

Manage company operations, even remotely

Business professionals work remotely, and it should come as no surprise. Research says, in 2016, around 43% Americans worked and operated remotely. Though physical office does exist, working remotely makes things easier. While virtual teams sound to be more productive, there needs to be some defined structure to support it. And this is where, the role of CPOs rise. Not only do they look for the best cloud-based tools, but also manage long-term projects and inspire virtual teams.



Evaluate productivity of tools like a pro

There exists an army of tools that helps in enhancing company’s productivity. But the question remains how much effective are these tools? For that, at least one CPO must be assigned to each tool to decide the effectiveness of the tool. If the tool increases productivity, then you should keep it, and if not, then send it to the trash bin.


In short, a CPO evaluates the functionality of each tool.

Enable better analysis of small data

If you’re in the tech industry then by now you must be aware of the data power. In fact, you must’ve been gathering and analyzing data for years yourself. But, how often do you take a look at all the small data that are placed right in front of you?


Small data are not so small, when it comes to showing performance, it provides crucial insights about what your employees binge eats while working and through this how can you increase their productivity. In that respect, take a note, no data is big or small, because every data is important for company growth analysis.



Of course, a skilled CPO knows how to take the best advantage of the cloud, since they are familiar with the emerging trends and the latest cloud-based software that are dominating the corporate circuit.


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